Top 3 Traits of a Green Moving Company

When it's time to move, it's not time to ignore your eco-friendly lifestyle. Instead, it's time to find a green moving company and embrace the ability to move in an eco-friendly way. Here are three traits you will find with any good green moving company.

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1 - The Moving Trucks

The first place to start when looking for a green moving company is the transport they offer. Bio-diesel trucks are a good option or for a long-distance move companies using larger trucks with the ability to move multiple clients at the same time is a good practice.

The trucks provided by a moving company are a dead give-away and will show you if they are a green moving company or not. Look for bio-diesel trucks, hybrid trucks, or any other type of truck designed to use less fuel.

2 - Reusable Box Rentals

While cardboard boxes can be recycled, they are not the greenest solution for packing. The best green moving companies offer reusable moving boxes you can rent. Usually, these are plastic bins, which protect your belongings far better than cardboard and they are eco-friendly.

Cardboard will become vulnerable in bad weather or under too much weight. Reusable plastic moving boxes are designed to hold more weight and they protect your belongings even in rain.

When a moving company offers reusable box rentals, they are likely an eco-friendly choice. The best green moving companies will offer only eco-friendly options for packing your belongings.

3 - Fewer Packing Supplies

Since green moving companies offer reusable boxes made of plastic, you won't need nearly as many packing supplies. These companies don't always offer any moving supplies that cannot be recycled, which includes many of the traditional options.

The plastic boxes you can rent will seal without tape and protect your things far better than cardboard. You can even use your own towels and blankets to help make your packing supplies even more eco-friendly.

Some green moving companies will offer Oxo-biodegradable bubble wrap and biodegradable foam peanuts for packing. These packing supplies are far more eco-friendly than the supplies sold by most moving companies.

These three traits are pretty common with truly green moving companies and they provide plenty of benefits. When you choose a green moving company in Chicago for your move, you'll benefit in many ways including:

  • No need to break down cardboard boxes or find a place to recycle them

  • More social responsibility throughout your move

  • Ability to utilize green storage, if necessary

  • Connections to the local donation/recycling sites

  • Better protection for your items

  • And more!

A green moving company will help you gain peace of mind as you prepare to make your move to Chicago as eco-friendly as possible. There are several other things you can do on your end to make your move more eco-friendly. However, choosing the right green moving company is a huge start.

Not all moving companies are created equal. Make sure you research the choices available to you and ask questions about their business practices. An eco-friendly moving company will make a difference, even if you're just moving a few miles away.

How To Utilize Greener Transport During Your Move

Moving isn't always the most eco-friendly process on the planet. You might end up using and throwing away supplies that are not great for the environment. It's possible you could do quite a bit of harm with your move if you're not careful.

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Choosing packing supplies, renting eco-friendly moving boxes, and finding greener transport for your move make a difference. There are several tips you can consider when you want to ensure your move is as eco-friendly as possible. However, finding the right transport can be a bit difficult. Here's a quick look at how to ensure your transport is as green as possible.

Eco-Friendly Moving Companies

The best option for your green transport is to find an eco-friendly moving company. While the first thing that comes to mind with a moving truck is the fuel usage, there are several other things to consider. Eco-friendly moving companies not only provide lower-emissions trucks but they also:

  • Provide rentable boxes or recycled cardboard boxes

  • Use LED bulbs in their cargo areas

  • Offer eco-friendly packing supplies

  • And, more!

A truly eco-friendly moving company will go above and beyond to ensure they use green practices in every area of their business. Of course, one of the easiest ways to ensure a moving company is eco-friendly is the fuel they use.

With more moving companies choosing trucks that run on bio-diesel, you can easily spot a green moving company. Bio-diesel is a cleaner fuel compared to regular diesel and offers a solution to your green transport needs.

Lighten Your Load

While finding greener transport is important for an eco-friendly move, you can also lighten your load to make the transportation portion of the move greener. The more you pack into a moving truck, the more fuel it will burn to get those items from point A to point B, and the less eco-friendly your move will become.

Take the time to reduce your belongings before you pack for your move. Donate or sell things you don't need or want anymore, recycle anything you can, and reduce the amount of things you're moving to make your transport greener.

Make Only One Trip

Whether you're moving locally in Chicago or from another city to Chicago, make the move in just one trip. Even if you're just moving a few blocks down the road, making more than one trip causes your transportation to burn more gas and become less eco-friendly.

Pack up your vehicle, along with the moving truck so that you only have to make one trip from your old home to your new home. Reducing the number of trips to just one is the easiest way to ensure you're move is as green as possible.

Finding and using greener transport for your move isn't always easy. You may have to ask questions and do a bit of research to find the right moving company. However, it's worth it when you realize your move is as eco-friendly as possible.

Top creative ideas for eco-friendly wrapping your items

You don’t have to purchase bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and cardboard boxes in order to move to a new home. You can actually use a bundle of other things that you already own, as well as products that won’t cause additional waste.

Sometimes people want to buy all new products to move their belongings and then they end up thrown away and added to the landfills. You can have an eco-friendly move that will be just as successful as a move that had money put into non-eco-friendly materials. Skip the cardboard boxes and try these eco-friendly solutions instead.

Using stuff you already own

One of the easiest ways to be eco-friendly on your move is to start looking at the things you own that can actually be utilized as a moving container or a packing protector. For example, instead of packing your suitcase, simply use it to pack things like your wardrobe or books.

eco friendly packing for a move with a suitcase

Those tote bags that you have laying around may work great for packing items like toys or kitchen utensils. That collection of garbage bags or vacuum bags in the pantry are great for packing anything lightweight and unbreakable, like pillows or curtains.

Utilize briefcases to hold electronics like laptops, CDs, or even documents. Your backpacks lying around the house will be great for packing some essentials to get you started at the new house. Use baskets and hampers to pack things like shoes, toys, or clothes. Surprisingly you can use trash cans for packing, as well as beer boxes and crates.

Alternatives to bubble wrap

Now that you are thinking outside the box on your packing boxes, you can start getting creative with alternatives to bubble wrap and packing peanuts. You likely have a stack of newspapers or magazines around the house, and rather than tossing them or packing them to take with you, they would make great packing paper for you. If you have a pile of shredded office paper that you haven’t discarded yet, you can also use that as an alternative to packing peanuts.

Look around the house for things that would help you pack better. Your linen closet is full of sheets, blankets, and towels that would be great for your fragile items. You likely have old clothes or out-of-season clothes that can help you wrap things up too.

Even things like yarn, sponges, fabric napkins, and handkerchiefs will be great for fill in empty spaces and protecting items in containers. When you go to pack your kitchen, use small bags of popcorn, beans, lentils, and peanuts to fill in empty space in moving boxes.

Choosing eco-friendly moving boxes

The best way to go eco on this move and avoid more waste is to swap your moving supply budget for renting reusable, green moving boxes. These are perfect for your move since they offer more protection than cardboard boxes and you won’t have to worry about the waste they cause. Eco-friendly moving containers can be used for your move and then picked up after you’ve unpacked. Rather than wrapping fragile items in your old clothes and putting it into a bunch of purchased cardboard boxes, you can put them into these nice, plastic containers that will stack neatly in the moving truck and once put away in your new home, it will be like it was living there the whole time.

There is no wasted purchase of boxes, shipping tape, labels, packing peanuts, or any other typical moving supply. You’ll simple wrap up your items and place them in a reusable bin until it arrives at destination.

Use these creative tips for wrapping your household goods for your upcoming move.

How to save your business money with a green move

You have to move offices and you want to keep your carbon footprint at a minimum in the process. This is a great way to go about moving as moving can become expensive and unnecessarily wasteful. That is why it’s a great time to quit cardboard boxes and environmentally-harmful products and methods in your office and instead, start going green today.

You’ll save money with a green move and feel great about your low impact on the environment. Take a look at what you can do today and what you can do during the move to go green and save your business money in the process.

green moving with Chicago’s Best Moving Company

Start green business practices

If you are a company that already is green in your business practices, you will have an efficient and simpler move. It’s not too late to start going green and stop with accumulating more things and wasting where it’s not needed.

For example, going digital with your files over having paper copies of everything is not only taking us space, but it’s causing employees to be less efficient with their time and it’s wasting paper, ink, equipment, and storage space.

Start eliminating paperwork and going digital, and you’ll find that this is more efficient, less expensive, and makes your move even simpler to your new office. Less paper products will help you reduce paper waste and other small waste that you need to purchase for printed documents.

You can also go green in your office by using reusable products like shopping bags with your company logo, reducing water bottle purchases by installing water dispensing systems, lowering your utility costs by swapping lights to LED options, and allowing employees to work from home occasionally by using video conferencing calls instead.

Use a green moving company

Now that your business is saving money and reducing your carbon footprint, you can start preparing for the move to be less expensive and greener through your choices. This all starts with choosing a green moving company. Green moving companies tend to use more efficient methods of moving and give you the best service you could ask for in an office move.

Talk to them about all of the way they have gone green and how it’s saving customer’s money in the process. They do things different than traditional moving companies by focusing on making moves less harsh to the environment and most cost-efficient to the customer.

They will reduce the effects of the move on the environment by reducing cardboard use, using less one-time-use packing supplies, having a connection to donation sites, and they will likely use cleaner fuel over typical diesel fuel in their moving trucks.


Before your move, take the time to recycle anything you don’t need anymore, such as old paperwork, and donate or sell anything you don’t need anymore. This will not only help clean up the office and reduce your staff’s wasted time sorting through old equipment or old files during work time, but it will reduce the amount of things you need moved.

Get into your new office with a fresh start on a greener and simpler office. You’ll feel more motivated once you’ve handled the clutter and recycled or donated things that you don’t need anymore.

Choose reusable products

Now that it’s time to pack up, you’ll want to talk to your movers about using reusable green boxes exclusively over cardboard boxes. These moving boxes are great for your move because they are sturdier than cardboard, cheaper to rent over buying cardboard, and they stack nicely in the truck.

Once the move is done, your movers will come collect them and clean them for the next move. You won’t have to buy and assemble cardboard that is less efficient and more wasteful to the environment. This will save you a boat load, especially now that you can skip other packing supplies too.

When you eliminate waste, choose environmentally-friendly practices, and hire a green mover, you’ll find that it not only saves you money, but it feels good too.

How to Organize an Eco-Friendly Move

When it's time to move, no matter the reason, you want to make sure you plan and organize the right type of move for you. If you care about the environment, an eco-friendly move is necessary. You can easily organize an eco-friendly move with the right tips and advice.

It doesn't take much to go from a traditional move to an eco-friendly move. In addition, it's possible you could save money when you choose to move in an eco-friendly way. Here are a few things to consider when organizing an eco-friendly move.

Choose Eco-Friendly Moving Supplies

Reusable boxes are a great start as they will keep you from wasting cardboard, which has to be recycled if it doesn't get wet during the move. You can choose plastic moving boxes and rent them instead of buying them for your move.

eco-friendly move with TheProMove and The Chicago GreenBox

Another thing to consider is using what you already have for packing. Blankets, towels, and clothing work well for packing fragile items, while drawers and luggage work great to lessen your need for boxes.

In addition, you can ask your friends if they have leftover packing supplies they don't need, including things, such as newspaper you can use for packing.

Declutter Before Moving

When it's time to move, it's also time to declutter. Go through everything you own and donate or sell things you no longer use or need.

When you lighten the load before packing, you'll have less to pack. This means fewer boxes, fewer supplies, and a more eco-friendly move. Plus, you'll be giving someone else the ability to use something you don't need anymore.

Choose an Eco-Friendly Moving Company

Some moving companies are more eco-friendly than others. You want to look at the reputation they have and realize the price shouldn't be much different compared to a regular moving company.

Consider the type of moving trucks the company uses. Are they more fuel-efficient compared to the typical moving truck? Do they use biodegradable packing supplies and plastic moving boxes, instead of cardboard?

Ask these questions and do your research before choosing an eco-friendly moving company for your next move.

Become Eco-Friendly After Moving

Your eco-friendly move can springboard you into a more eco-friendly way of living. Use the following quick tips to help make your new home more eco-friendly, as well:

  • Replace light bulbs with LEDs or CFLs bulbs

  • If possible, make sure your new home is properly insulated

  • Unplug all household appliances and electronic devices when not in use

  • Recycle any moving supplies you can and donate anything you didn't need to someone in need of packing supplies

  • Install a smart thermostat

You don't have to stop after moving. With these quick tips, you can help make your new home a bit more eco-friendly after moving in.

It's important to take care of our environment. While moving can be hectic, it's not a good time to let your eco-friendly mindset go out the window. When you're moving, you can organize an eco-friendly move by using the tips found above.

Eco-friendly storage tips during your move

You don’t have to feel like your move is going to cause waste when it comes to both the landfills and to your budget. Eco-friendly moves are actually the best way to combat waste and it makes better financial sense too. If you plan to use a storage unit during your move or need ideas for better storage of your items, you can use these eco-friendly storage tips for your upcoming move.

Choose eco-friendly materials

If you plan to get a storage unit in between homes, you’ll likely want to pick up some storage solutions within your unit to better organize and protect your belongings. That is why you should look for recycled storage options rather than the traditional hardwood bookshelves or plastic storage bins.

They make plastic storage from recycled grocery bags and recycled cardboard storage options too. Talk to an eco-friendly moving company about utilizing their green moving boxes with are reusable plastic containers that will serve you without causing any waste.

Chicago green box and the professionals collaborate together

Reuse what you have

Take a look around your house for things that can be reused. If you are packing your reusable green box with things that need organized, you can reuse things around the house like shoeboxes and egg cartons to help with this. If you have milk crates or pallets where large items are delivered to you, you can repurpose them into a way to stack in your storage unit.

You can also use things you already own instead of purchasing more storage options. For example, your wine crates could be used for holding books or vases, while your suitcases can be used to hold out-of-season clothing or shoes.

Plastic ties over packing tape

If you do have times where you need to secure something and you’re tempted to buy packing tape, try to utilize plastic ties instead. You can secure curtain rods, cords, hoses, and small items with zip ties. Make sure you buy reusable ties.

Wash the eco-friendly way before storage

If you have things that need to be washed before they are stored away in boxes or a storage unit, you can be eco-friendly in the way you clean them. Put clothing, bedding, towels, and other linens in the washing machine using cold water, and then avoid drying in a typical clothing dryer. Instead, hang everything to dry and you’ll find between the cold water and the air drying that you’ll save a great deal of energy usage.

Use up ingredients

Instead of packing and storing your pantry, take the time to try to use up most of your food. Think of it like shopping at the grocery store but in your own pantry. Try to get creative with meals and use up as many ingredients as you can to avoid food waste, save money on meals, and have less that needs to be packed away.

Donate before packing

Lastly, consider going through all of your things and donating, selling, or discarding things as needed before packing everything away. You may find that there are things that could be sold for extra cash, while other things could be donated to someone who really needs it. Discard anything that can’t be donated and then the packing process will be much simpler.

Use these tips to ensure your moving storage will be much more eco-friendly!

3 ways to donate household items when you move

If you’re getting ready to move from one house to another, you’ve likely realized that not everything needs to go to the next home. Whether you prefer to buy new furniture for your new space, you are changing climates and need to get rid of clothing, or you had a pile of things that you hadn’t gotten around to donating, there are plenty of opportunities to get rid of your things without throwing them in the trash.

You’ll feel good about donating to someone else that can get use out of your items while avoiding contributing to the landfills. Here are 3 ways to donate your household items when you move.

How to donate your old furniture

Unlike your usual run to the local donation center when you get tired of old clothes, your furniture is going to require more effort to get it donated. If it’s something you can donate with your own vehicle, you can likely find a Goodwill drop-off center by using the online Goodwill Locator, call the Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore to see if they will accept it, or talk to Salvation Army about drop-off centers in your area.

You’ll need to inspect the furniture to check for damage because many locations will not accept anything with missing parts, stains, rips, or things that don’t work properly. Make sure it is in good condition and clean.

You can also check with these organizations if you need someone to pick up the furniture as well, as some organizations have pick-up services. Talk to Donation Town, a database for local charities that will pick up furniture for free, as well as Freecycle, an online community in which people give away their goods to others, or The National Furniture Bank Association, which provides furniture to families in need around the country, to see if your items could be of use to anyone there as well.

What about appliances and electronics?

Now that you’ve handled the big items, you’ll likely wonder where you can take small appliances or electronics that you’ve decided to part with for the move. Goodwill and Salvation Army will take working small appliances and may even accept your larger appliances. You can also check online at Excess Access, a donation website where you can post thing like appliances, and you can be connected to local charities that can use them.

Your electronics are a wonderful thing to donate for many reasons. An organization called Cell Phones for Soldiers takes gently used cell phones and provides free communication services to serving troops and veterans. There is an organization called Get-Well Gamers Foundation where kids in hospitals will be provided with donated video game systems and games.

Additionally, organizations like HopeLine from Verizon, Lifecell Project, and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence need donations for things like cell phones, accessories, and office equipment to help those in need around the world.

Clothing and other general items

clothes donation box

Lastly, when you have a pile of things like books, clothes, shoes, and kitchen glasses that you need to get rid of, you’ll have plenty of options for where to donate. Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Volunteers of America are a great place to start for charities that accept general goods like these.

You can also donate clothes specifically to Dress of Success and Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits. Check out Better World Books for book donations and Bikes of the World for your old sports and fitness equipment.

Don’t throw away the things in your home that you are one with. Contact local charitable organizations and homeless shelters to see if your things could go to people that really need them. You’ll feel great about the donation and in some cases, you can get a tax deduction too.