Top creative ideas for eco-friendly wrapping your items

You don’t have to purchase bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and cardboard boxes in order to move to a new home. You can actually use a bundle of other things that you already own, as well as products that won’t cause additional waste.

Sometimes people want to buy all new products to move their belongings and then they end up thrown away and added to the landfills. You can have an eco-friendly move that will be just as successful as a move that had money put into non-eco-friendly materials. Skip the cardboard boxes and try these eco-friendly solutions instead.

Using stuff you already own

One of the easiest ways to be eco-friendly on your move is to start looking at the things you own that can actually be utilized as a moving container or a packing protector. For example, instead of packing your suitcase, simply use it to pack things like your wardrobe or books.

eco friendly packing for a move with a suitcase

Those tote bags that you have laying around may work great for packing items like toys or kitchen utensils. That collection of garbage bags or vacuum bags in the pantry are great for packing anything lightweight and unbreakable, like pillows or curtains.

Utilize briefcases to hold electronics like laptops, CDs, or even documents. Your backpacks lying around the house will be great for packing some essentials to get you started at the new house. Use baskets and hampers to pack things like shoes, toys, or clothes. Surprisingly you can use trash cans for packing, as well as beer boxes and crates.

Alternatives to bubble wrap

Now that you are thinking outside the box on your packing boxes, you can start getting creative with alternatives to bubble wrap and packing peanuts. You likely have a stack of newspapers or magazines around the house, and rather than tossing them or packing them to take with you, they would make great packing paper for you. If you have a pile of shredded office paper that you haven’t discarded yet, you can also use that as an alternative to packing peanuts.

Look around the house for things that would help you pack better. Your linen closet is full of sheets, blankets, and towels that would be great for your fragile items. You likely have old clothes or out-of-season clothes that can help you wrap things up too.

Even things like yarn, sponges, fabric napkins, and handkerchiefs will be great for fill in empty spaces and protecting items in containers. When you go to pack your kitchen, use small bags of popcorn, beans, lentils, and peanuts to fill in empty space in moving boxes.

Choosing eco-friendly moving boxes

The best way to go eco on this move and avoid more waste is to swap your moving supply budget for renting reusable, green moving boxes. These are perfect for your move since they offer more protection than cardboard boxes and you won’t have to worry about the waste they cause. Eco-friendly moving containers can be used for your move and then picked up after you’ve unpacked. Rather than wrapping fragile items in your old clothes and putting it into a bunch of purchased cardboard boxes, you can put them into these nice, plastic containers that will stack neatly in the moving truck and once put away in your new home, it will be like it was living there the whole time.

There is no wasted purchase of boxes, shipping tape, labels, packing peanuts, or any other typical moving supply. You’ll simple wrap up your items and place them in a reusable bin until it arrives at destination.

Use these creative tips for wrapping your household goods for your upcoming move.