At The Chicago Green Box, our goal is to provide quality Eco-friendly moving boxes. We offer a selection of packages depending on your packing and moving needs. We have taken the initiative to promote environmentally conscious products as one way to eliminate waste. Our integration of The Chicago Green Box system involves the utilization of recyclable and reusable moving totes that promote efficiency, while ensuring environmental protection. By acting as a form of waste prevention, our green boxes do not contribute to growing landfill and waste accumulation due to disposal practices, instead acting as an efficient, reusable form of packing moving and storage.

Our dedication to service is exemplified by our exceptional staff whose priority to meet consumer needs is matched only by their desire to promote environmentally friendly practices in Chicago, IL. We hope that by providing this zero-waste service, and by illustrating the benefits of utilizing these green moving boxes, as a consumer you can become more aware of the actions being taken by companies such as ours at The Chicago Green Box along with our parent company, The Professionals Moving Specialists, to be pioneers in the green movement.

Environmentally Conscious Approach

  • Professionals Moving Services
  • Free shipping and delivery of all moving boxes within 10 mile radius of our facilities
  • Recycled and reusable Green Moving Boxes
  • No waste disposal contribution
  • Commercial and Residential Moving
  • Delivery and Pick up

Read our client testimonials or feedback:

Carolyn D.

“If you want to cut costs on your move, then I strongly encourage all to use the Chicago Greenbox.  Their eco friendly moving boxes are less expensive than traditional cardboard boxes and are a lot more  efficient.

First, Id like to thank The Professionals Moving Specialists, who recommended this company & service to me while scheduling a move with them.  I’ve used The Professionals for prior moves and they are always a joy. Upon booking, I spoke with Hila who was very accommodating & sweet.  She asked if I wanted my items packed in cardboard boxes or if I wanted to rent echo friendly green boxes from their sister company, The Chicago Greenbox.  She filled me in on the details & I decided to go with the eco friendly boxes from the Chicago Greenbox.

The Chicago Greenbox made such a positive effect on my entire move. The green boxes were delivered to my home, pre-assembled and on time.  We were ready to pack the second the boxes were delivered.  They are obliviously more sturdy than cardboard boxes.  And the movers, though always fast and careful from my previous moving experiences, performed at a faster pace.  The professionals saved a lot of space in the truck as they stacked them pretty high due to their sturdiness.  The movers loaded and offloaded faster at both locations, which in turn cut my moving fees down.  When my stuff was delivered to my new place & was quickly and carefully unpacked, Chicago Greenbox picked up these Life Saving boxes.

When my move was complete and cardboard box free, I realized that this move was faster and less expensive then my past moves. No cardboard  chore or waste to deal with, recyclable, eco friendly, space saving, time saving, dollar saving, & an overall sturdier pack and ready to move you experience.  I will definitely be using Chicago Greenbox again and will refer all my friends and family as well.

Mark Samson

I will never move again without The Chicago Green Box. A great experience all around from the customer service and ordering process, through delivery & pick up.The Chicago Green Box are extremely durable and make packing much easier than using cardboard boxes and rolls and rolls of packing tape. The boxes are roomy and much stronger than traditional cardboard boxes, allowing me to pack up all my heavy books and art without any worry of the bottom falling out. My movers also love and raved about how much easier they made stacking & moving the boxes.