Why Choose Us?

At Chicago Green Box we offer an Eco-friendly approach to Chicago, IL residents, that refrains from a dependency on wasteful cardboard products. Our prerogative is to provide quality rentable green moving boxes while also maintaining our stance on environmentally conscious practices. Our integration of the green box system involves the use of reusable and recyclable containers that do not contribute to waste accumulation in the environment through disposing. Our system will save you time, money and the environment as we optimize our resources to provide you with the best relocation services possible. We offer free delivery and pickup to local residences and businesses within a 10 mile limit of our facilities, and provide our moving services throughout the Chicago area and its surrounding suburbs. Our commercial and residential services are handled by our professional moving staff, dedicated to providing you with the best service at affordable pricing. It our hope that by providing this service, and by illustrating the benefits of utilizing the green box, as a consumer you can become more aware of the actions being taken by companies such as Chicago Green Box, to be pioneers in the green movement.

  • Affordable Pricing

  • Environmentally Conscious Approach

  • Durable, Efficient Moving Boxes

  • Professional Staff

  • Commercial and Residential Service

  • Delivery and Pick up Services (free if located within a 10 mile radius of our facilities)

Save Time

Green Boxes are an efficient and effective product that helps conserve your valuable time in the relocation process. Through our next day delivery service, you will receive your green box as swiftly as possible. The green boxes arrive pre-assembled, no longer requiring the building and setup of the typical cardboard box, and saving you valuable time to distribute to other aspects of your move. The Green boxes are reusable and durable, because of this significant advantage in composition in comparison to cardboard boxes they will not fall apart or degrade in transit, and thus you no longer have to spend time ordering or repackaging more boxes. The green boxes are effectively modeled, and are easily stackable in your transportation vehicle, preventing the hassle of organizing your cardboard packages for transit. Lastly, the green boxes are not disposable, and thus spending time properly disposing of cardboard is alleviated.

  • Next day delivery provides swift access

  • Pre-assembled boxes do not require the time necessary to build like with traditional cardboard

  • Durable and reusable, no longer requiring multiple purchase and assembly

  • Easily stackable in your transportation vehicle

  • No wasted time in waste disposal facilities

Save Money

Utilizing Green Moving Boxes can help to alleviate the financial burden of the relocation process. Because the composition is comprised of recyclable materials, green boxes are inherently more affordable a purchase than the average cardboard box. As a reusable resource, green moving boxes can be rented and reused, thus alleviating the cost of multiple box purchases. Made from durable and sturdy materials, the green moving boxes are sturdy and are not susceptible to degradation and falling apart in transit like the generic cardboard box. When disposing of cardboard and other materials after the relocation process, typically the consumer must incur the cost of waste disposal fees. With the Eco-friendly green moving box this cost is a non-factor as the green boxes are recyclable and reusable.

  • More affordable than generic cardboard

  • Rentable and Reusable

  • Made durable, preventing the cost of purchasing additional materials such as cardboard that degrade

  • No waste disposal fees

Save the Planet

Green Boxes are made from recyclable materials, completely reusable and contribute no waste products to the environment due to their non-disposable composition. According to information from the Environmental Protection Agency non-recycled cardboard, the waste products of a majority of standard moving processes, contributes to 28% of the materials in landfills. In order to alleviate the environmental costs of continuing to blindly use disposal and wasteful cardboard, our companies proposes the utilization of the green box, effectively reducing cardboard waste, and greatly improving environmental conditions. According to research done by Green Waste, over the course of a year, the following resources could be saved as a direct result of using the green box system, and the prevention of paper and cardboard waste:

Each ton of recycled cardboard and paper saves:

  • 3.5 cubic yards of landfill

  • 17 trees

  • 7,000 gallons of water

  • 380 gallons of oil

  • 4100 kWh of energy