Eco-Friendly Commercial Moves

At The Chicago Green Box we offer plastic moving box rentals for commercial clients in the Chicago, Illinois area. As companies begin to stress an emphasis on environmentally conscious practices and regulations, there is a growing need to extend this responsibility to the moving process. The benefit of green moving is you can reduce the carbon footprint of your company or business because the green boxes are made of reusable plastic materials. The green box system is thus an effective way of reducing waste production caused by cardboard usage and its disposal. The green plastic boxes can hold large amounts of materials without falling apart and can easily stack on top of one another, securing space and improving efficiency in transit.

The benefits of using the green box system for your next business or office move include the following:

  • Efficient storage capabilities reduce manpower needed as well as the number of moving trucks

  • Prevents waste accumulation because it’s made of recycle plastic materials. It can therefore reduce your carbon footprint and improve your company image

  • It’s pre-assembled, so it does not require assembly. This helps reduce worker downtime for your business

  • Durable and strong to prevent damage to valuables

*Saves money for your business. Green moving boxes are cheaper than cardboard.

The benefits are most gratifying by renting the green moving boxes. Financially, green moving boxes supplies are more affordable because you don’t have to deal with

  • Find Boxes

  • Pack Boxes

  • Tape Boxes

  • Stack Boxes

  • Unpack boxes

  • Repack boxes when the bottom breaks

  • Break down boxes

  • Throw away boxes

  • Get unnecessary back injury from lifting

This downtime prevention ensures that your employees and your business stay working without pause.


Steps to Move Your Business with The Professionals Moving Specialist using Chicago Green Box

  1. Give us a call and we will come out to your office or business location in Chicago, IL. We’ll help determine the right amount of boxes you will need for your moving.

  2. We will submit a reasonable moving estimate for you to review.

  3. Once you’ve decided to move with The Professionals Moving Specialists, we’ll set delivery and pick-up dates and times for the green moving boxes that work best for you.

  4. This is the best part; we deliver the boxes directly to your office.

  5. Once you’re done moving, we come pick up green moving boxes up at your new location. Just another convenience we stand by.

You can rent a minimum of twenty moving boxes in a variety of sizes for your commercial move in Chicago, IL. For more information regarding our service feel free to contact us.

Commercial Moving Tips: