How to save your business money with a green move

You have to move offices and you want to keep your carbon footprint at a minimum in the process. This is a great way to go about moving as moving can become expensive and unnecessarily wasteful. That is why it’s a great time to quit cardboard boxes and environmentally-harmful products and methods in your office and instead, start going green today.

You’ll save money with a green move and feel great about your low impact on the environment. Take a look at what you can do today and what you can do during the move to go green and save your business money in the process.

green moving with Chicago’s Best Moving Company

Start green business practices

If you are a company that already is green in your business practices, you will have an efficient and simpler move. It’s not too late to start going green and stop with accumulating more things and wasting where it’s not needed.

For example, going digital with your files over having paper copies of everything is not only taking us space, but it’s causing employees to be less efficient with their time and it’s wasting paper, ink, equipment, and storage space.

Start eliminating paperwork and going digital, and you’ll find that this is more efficient, less expensive, and makes your move even simpler to your new office. Less paper products will help you reduce paper waste and other small waste that you need to purchase for printed documents.

You can also go green in your office by using reusable products like shopping bags with your company logo, reducing water bottle purchases by installing water dispensing systems, lowering your utility costs by swapping lights to LED options, and allowing employees to work from home occasionally by using video conferencing calls instead.

Use a green moving company

Now that your business is saving money and reducing your carbon footprint, you can start preparing for the move to be less expensive and greener through your choices. This all starts with choosing a green moving company. Green moving companies tend to use more efficient methods of moving and give you the best service you could ask for in an office move.

Talk to them about all of the way they have gone green and how it’s saving customer’s money in the process. They do things different than traditional moving companies by focusing on making moves less harsh to the environment and most cost-efficient to the customer.

They will reduce the effects of the move on the environment by reducing cardboard use, using less one-time-use packing supplies, having a connection to donation sites, and they will likely use cleaner fuel over typical diesel fuel in their moving trucks.


Before your move, take the time to recycle anything you don’t need anymore, such as old paperwork, and donate or sell anything you don’t need anymore. This will not only help clean up the office and reduce your staff’s wasted time sorting through old equipment or old files during work time, but it will reduce the amount of things you need moved.

Get into your new office with a fresh start on a greener and simpler office. You’ll feel more motivated once you’ve handled the clutter and recycled or donated things that you don’t need anymore.

Choose reusable products

Now that it’s time to pack up, you’ll want to talk to your movers about using reusable green boxes exclusively over cardboard boxes. These moving boxes are great for your move because they are sturdier than cardboard, cheaper to rent over buying cardboard, and they stack nicely in the truck.

Once the move is done, your movers will come collect them and clean them for the next move. You won’t have to buy and assemble cardboard that is less efficient and more wasteful to the environment. This will save you a boat load, especially now that you can skip other packing supplies too.

When you eliminate waste, choose environmentally-friendly practices, and hire a green mover, you’ll find that it not only saves you money, but it feels good too.