3 Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials for Your Next Move

Moving homes comes with many purchases of one-time use items like moving boxes, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap. Once you arrive at your new house and unpack, you’ll start to feel really wasteful as you end up with piles of cardboard and stuffing that no longer has a purpose. Lugging all of these materials to the trash while others moving around the country every day are doing the same thing may make you think that there has got to be a better way.

The good news is that you can switch to eco-friendly packing methods that can eliminate this problem entirely. Take a look at these 3 eco-friendly packaging materials that will have you sending nothing to the trash after unpacking.

Green Boxes

Cardboard moving boxes are becoming a thing of the past. Instead, green boxes are taking over the market. Just like you store things in the house in plastic bins for better protection and easier use compared to cardboard, you can use this same mindset when it comes to your move. Introducing green moving boxes, the reusable moving containers that offer a cleaner, sturdier, and easier transport of your household goods.

Not only are these sturdier and easier to use, but they offer an environmentally-friendly solution being made of recycled plastic and reusable for future moves. There won’t be any more throwing out of cardboard boxes after moving or trying to buy some used cardboard boxes that could be dirty or unsafe. Instead, you’ll enjoy the security of clean, sturdy, eco-friendly, and easily stackable, recycled plastic moving boxes that will cause no additional waste from your move or future movers. Order yours today with The Chicago Green Box!


Another way to avoid waste is to use reusable soft items like blankets and towels to protect fragile items. Instead of purchasing items you’ll use one time for protection, like packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and protective paper, use things you own or purchase things that could be reused in the future.

Even old clothes can be rolled up and place in gaps in boxes to protect items from shifting. Duffle bags can be used to move non-fragile items like books or shoes. If you don’t own anything like that, you can purchase or rent moving blankets and more that can be used by someone else in the future.

Reusable protective wraps

If you do still have a need for some protective packaging, look into greener solutions. You can use items in your own home that were intended for something else and can now be used in the move, such as egg cartons, newspapers, and magazines to protect your fragile items.

If you are going to purchase new items, choose eco-friendly packaging materials like recycled packing paper, reusable pads, old newspapers, or used packing peanuts that were going to end up in the trash. Wash sandwich bags after using them to packaging small items and use laundry baskets to pack things like pillows or pantry items. Pack your clothing into suitcases as if you were going on a trip instead of packing them into boxes. Be creative with ways to go green this upcoming move.

You can go waste-free or recycled for your entire upcoming move with the right solutions offered above!

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