Top 6 Must Have Moving Supplies

Have you purchased your moving supplies yet? When it comes to your upcoming move in Chicago, you’re going to need a few must have moving supplies to get your belongings securely packed up. You’ve likely considered purchasing some cardboard boxes and packing tape, but are these the only way to move your stuff?

You may be surprised to learn about the latest in moving supplies with green moving boxes, which don’t require any packing tape and will ensure your items are moved safer than ever. Take a look at these boxes and the rest of the moving supplies you must have before your upcoming move.

  1. Plastic Moving Boxes

  2. Packing Paper & Bubble Wrap

  3. Specialty Boxes

  4. Dish Dividers

  5. Moving Dolly

  6. Lifting Straps

Go green with plastic moving boxes

You already go green with your weekly recycling and cutting back on printing by doing everything digitally. Now you can go green for your upcoming move, too. Talk to the professionals at the Chicago Green Box to get stocked up on plastic moving boxes which can be rented for your move and returned when you are done.

top 6 moving supplies

Say goodbye to the days of buying and assembling cardboard boxes just to throw them away and cluttering landfills afterward. Plastic moving boxes can be delivered to you and picked up after your move, which means that you’re saving your wallet and the environment all in this decision. Pack up your items in heavy-duty, plastic boxes that don’t require packing tape or assembly.

Pick up some packing paper and bubble wrap

While you don’t need cardboard boxes and packing tape, you’ll still want some paper and bubble wrap to protect your belongings. This is the place to invest your money into by stocking up on proper wrapping for your items. You can go green with green wrap rolls that are made from recycled paper to wrap those wine bottles or fine china, while bubble wrap is another great option to put at the bottom of your boxes for extra cushioning.

Get specialty boxes like wardrobe boxes

You can even get your wardrobe boxes made from plastic. You don’t have to worry about how you’ll transfer fine clothing because these make it easy to keep your clothes right on the hanger and safe from wrinkles or exposure. Since these are reusable, you don’t have to worry about going cardboard for this area of things either. This is a great solution for your bedding and linens too.

Dish dividers

One area that is tricky to pack is your kitchen dishware and anything made with glass. You may think you’ll need to waste all of the bubble wrap you purchased but now you can get glass and dish dividers made from corrugated plastic. These are reusable inserts that are available with your green moving box rental and it will make it easy to pack up your kitchen.

A moving dolly will help

Once you’ve packed up your plastic boxes, you’ll want an easy way to move from inside the house up to the moving truck. Use a moving dolly to roll your contents from your home to the truck. A four wheel dolly will take the heavy lifting out of the equation and you’ll notice how much easier they work with your plastic boxes compared to random cardboard boxes.

Don’t forget the lifting straps

Lastly, be sure to stock up on lifting straps to make your move easier than ever. These are the latest in Chicago moves with straps that allow you to gain leverage as you carry heavy items. Move your kitchen appliances, your washing machine, or your awkward mattress that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can lift items that weigh up to 800lbs with just two people using lifting straps and the risk of an injury to your back is greatly reduced.

Moving is easier than ever with matching plastic boxes and the rest of these moving supplies. Be sure to get these six must-have moving supplies before your next move.