Reusable Moving Boxes vs. Cardboard vs. Plastic Bins

For your upcoming Chicago move, have you been stocking up on cardboard boxes? You may want to think again as the latest in moving trends offers a simpler option that you may have never seen before. Now you can get rent plastic moving boxes that will allow for better protection of your belongings, a greener solution that causes no waste, and a money-saving option all-in-one.

Reusable moving boxes

Reusable plastic boxes for moving and plastic bins are the best new option and you’ll never want to go back to cardboard again. Take a look at the differences between reusable moving boxes, plastic bins, and the old-fashioned cardboard boxes.

The scoop on Reusable Moving Boxes

Reusable moving boxes are the best solution for your next Chicago move. They offer an eco-friendly solution to this normally wasteful process of filling the landfills with cardboard boxes after one use. You’ll be going green with this environmentally-friendly solution while saving yourself money too.

It can cost around half the price of normal cardboard boxes while saving you the hassle of buying packing tape and assembling them after purchase. You don’t have to worry about cutting yourself on packing tape cutters or dealing with the difficulty of opening and closing the boxes since these types of boxes are simple to pack, close, and open again.

You’ll also find a level of durability that can’t be found in cardboard boxes. Being made of hard plastic, there is no busting at the seams, punctures through the bottom or sides, and no crushing when boxes are stacked one on top of another.

These boxes are designed for handling the weight of the box above it while protecting your fragile items from breakage and crushing.  You’ll also notice that you’ll save space with the various size options and that they stack nicely in a moving van compared to random cardboard boxes. You won’t even have to worry about damage from rain or other causes of moisture since these boxes are water resistant.

The Option of Plastic Moving Bins

You may have considered the option of just buying a bunch of plastic bins from the store and packing up your items this way. While this offers a similar solution to reusable moving boxes, you’ll find that these can add up in a hurry and you’ll likely be left with leftover plastic bins when you reach your destination and have no specific purpose for them.

Instead of buying several plastic bins from the store in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can rent moving bins from The Chicago Green Box, which will allow for a simple, one-time use and a much small price-point. Instead of owning these plastic bins and trying to find a purpose for them, simply have the professionals at Chicago Green Box deliver you the amount you need for a one-time rental, and then pick them up from you after your move. You’ll feel confident knowing that these boxes are designed for moves, come in large quantities, and will stack nicely being the same shapes and designs.

Why Cardboard is So Out

Of course, cardboard is the most common moving supply that people assume are needed for a move. The days of cardboard are out now that people realize that reusable green boxes make moving safer, cheaper, simpler, and overall better. Cardboard requires a great deal of money, assembly, tape, and they end up adding to your landfills.

You’ll also find they aren’t as durable, resistant to the elements, or as simple to stack. While they can be recycled in most places and they fold up nicely once disassembled, they will cause you more time and money in the process. Reusable moving boxes can be used one time and then returned to the company for the next customer while being out of your home for good.

That’s a closer look at the differences between renting reusable moving boxes, purchasing cardboard, or purchasing plastic bins for your upcoming move.