Save Money on Expensive Moves & Packing

It seems like there is no way around it; moving is expensive. It’s a time where you are putting the final touches on the place you’re leaving, such as cleaning, fresh paint, and realtor costs, while putting deposits down on something new, such as a down payment, new furniture, or utility setup fees.

It’s a time where you are looking to cut costs any which way, which means getting all of the advice and tips you can is essential. One area you may be considering cutting costs is with the moving crew, thinking that if you just do it yourself you’ll save a fortune.

There are actually quite a few arguments for hiring a professional crew, and one is that it will end up costing you less in the end. Take a look at these ways you’ll save money on what is normally an expensive move and a cost-effective way to pack.

save money on expensive moves

Movers are more efficient and bring the supplies

One of the biggest costs behind your move will be a trunk rental, the expense of your time, and all of the supplies you’ll need to move your stuff. Hiring a professional moving crew solves this problem. They will bring the truck and the equipment, and save you time since they are experienced, fast, and can do the job without you.

You can use that time to take care of other matters while they are taking care of the job in a more efficient way than you could since they have so much experience in this type of job. They’ll also show up on time while your group of friends that are helping out may have to work around other commitments.

You’ll no longer be worrying about renting your own truck, purchasing tools like tools to disassemble furniture or furniture dollies, and you won’t have to provide a meal for their generosity. By simply paying the moving expenses to one company, all of this is handled and your friends don’t have to be bothered.

Rented moving boxes

The best part about working with a professional moving company in your area, aside from the relief that movers won’t break your belongings like you might, is that you can rent plastic moving boxes that will save you the hassle of the traditional cardboard.

Instead of spending hours purchasing, hauling, and assembling cardboard boxes, you can now rent plastic moving boxes from your moving company that you can use the one time and return when you’re done. Your stuff will not only be safer from breakage during the move, but you’ll be helping the environment out too.

Plastic moving boxes are more cost-effective since they come at an affordable rental rate and don’t require a bunch of packing tape to assemble and close up tight, and you can have them dropped off and picked up right from home. This is one area you can really save a fortune that you may have overlooked had you tried to handle the move all on your own.

Don’t try to be a hero and handle the move from step A to Z; hire a professional moving company in your area to help you with everything, including saving you on moving boxes, moving supplies, a truck, and the time you would have wasted trying to do it yourself!