Why You Should Be Using Green Moving Boxes for Your Office Move

With an upcoming office move for your business, you may be dreading how much waste it’s going to produce to make it happen. There are cardboard boxes, packing peanuts, and packing tape to purchase, use once, and then throw away.

While it may seem harmless, it becomes a problem when everyone is doing it this way and causing huge waste for things that can’t be reused or recycled. Instead, go green for your office move and you may find it’s the only way you ever want to move again. Check out green moving boxes; the way of the future for office, and all types of moves.

 It reduces waste

The easiest way to go green with your upcoming move is to use green moving boxes. You are going to reduce all of the waste that comes with moving by choosing green moving boxes. Not only are they reusable and avoid the waste of buying and throwing away cardboard, but they offer better protection for your items.

They can be purchased and kept for storage in your new home or you can rent them to use for your move and have them picked up afterward. If you need more time to unpack, just call and reschedule pick-up until you are ready.

It’s more secure

Another huge benefit to using green moving boxes is that your items will actually be way more secure being transported this way than using traditional cardboard boxes. With cardboard boxes, it’s possible that they could become damaged and sensitive documents could become exposed.

With green moving boxes, you are essentially using a plastic crate that can be zip tied or locked up during transport. Not only are they in a sturdier container that isn’t going to get damaged during transport, but the items inside are more secured as if you were moving everything in their own personal safe.

Green Moving Boxes behind The Professional Moving Specialists employee

It’s more efficient

These green moving boxes are the perfect way to move your office. Pack up your items in each container and feel good about their safety moving from one office to another. You won’t have to worry about a heavy cardboard box being placed on another and crushing it, water leaks damaging the box and its contents, or something sharp cutting into the side ruining your personal belongings. Instead, you’ll have sturdy boxes of the same shape and size that can be neatly and perfectly stacked one on top of the other in the moving truck.

Lastly, consider using things you already own to supplement with the move as well. If you have suitcases, you can pack your clothing in those as if you are going on a trip. Use gym bags and duffel bags to pack things like shoes and toiletries. Use your reusable grocery totes to pack pantry items and coolers to pack your fridge.

Use those plastic bins from the basement to pack up holiday items and toys, while dresser drawers can be used to pack extra linens and pillows. Use what you have to avoid wasting with cardboard and extra materials that you’ll just throw away afterward.

When you hire a green moving company, you can trust that your office move is a waste-free, green, and efficient experience. Not only do they provide green moving boxes, but you’ll likely find that have other eco-friendly practices within their operations. Make sure to use green boxes for your upcoming office move so that you can reduce waste, move things in the most efficient way, and feel good about how secure your belongings are during the move.