A Secret Tip to Make Moving Easier

Have you ever wondered what tricks people use to make moving easier? While you can get better at list-making, packing in advance, and packing the perfect box to get you started for the first few days at the new house, these tricks will only take you so far.

There is one trick, in particular, that is making moving easier that is starting to become less of a secret and more of the norm. Introducing Chicago Green Boxes: the newest innovation in the moving industry that will soon make cardboard boxes a thing of the past. Take a look at how this one simple change is the best secret to making moving easier.

 What are Green Boxes?

Green boxes are a new way to pack your belongings for a move. They are reusable plastic boxes that offer an alternative to one-time-use cardboard boxes. They are sturdy plastic boxes that stack perfectly on top of one another, offering better protection for your belongings and preventing any water or damage to occur to the box affecting the contents inside. In addition, they eliminate waste of cardboard boxes and other packing materials by being rented and returned after use.

Why they are better than traditional cardboard moving boxes

Traditional moves have involved purchasing or getting used cardboard boxes and purchasing packing tape, packing peanuts, and other supplies in order to move your home or office. Not only does this process take time and energy to just get started, but you’re wasting money on all of these supplies that you’ll use one time. This means more waste in our landfills, more work assembling and tearing down boxes, and a less efficient way to transport your household goods that puts them at a greater risk for damage.

When you switch to green moving boxes, you have sturdy containers that stack perfectly on each other in the moving truck, don’t require assembly or packing tape, and can be returned when they are done being used.

That means that someone else can use these bins in the future that you only needed to use one time, and you won’t be wasting money buying your own supplies. For those that like to get cardboard boxes for free, you won’t have to worry about ending up with free boxes that were actually soiled or damaged without you realizing it.

Cardboard box waste

How to access them

If you’re excited to try this eco-friendly solution that’s going to eliminate waste, save you half the price of regular cardboard moving boxes, and offer you a container that won’t be punctured or soiled during the move, ordering Chicago Green Boxes are the most obvious solution.

You’ll prefer these over your own plastic bins when you see that they are waterproof and sturdier, as well as returnable so that you don’t have to find uses for them in your home after the move. You can get these in the simplest of ways by calling the professional moving company in your area like the Chicago Green Box who will deliver and pick-up the boxes for you before and after the move. They clean and sanitize the containers so that they feel like new when you use them.

Are you tired of the waste that comes with moving or trying to find a place to recycle all of your cardboard boxes? Skip the hassle and start using green boxes to make your move easier than ever!