Eco-friendly storage tips during your move

You don’t have to feel like your move is going to cause waste when it comes to both the landfills and to your budget. Eco-friendly moves are actually the best way to combat waste and it makes better financial sense too. If you plan to use a storage unit during your move or need ideas for better storage of your items, you can use these eco-friendly storage tips for your upcoming move.

Choose eco-friendly materials

If you plan to get a storage unit in between homes, you’ll likely want to pick up some storage solutions within your unit to better organize and protect your belongings. That is why you should look for recycled storage options rather than the traditional hardwood bookshelves or plastic storage bins.

They make plastic storage from recycled grocery bags and recycled cardboard storage options too. Talk to an eco-friendly moving company about utilizing their green moving boxes with are reusable plastic containers that will serve you without causing any waste.

Chicago green box and the professionals collaborate together

Reuse what you have

Take a look around your house for things that can be reused. If you are packing your reusable green box with things that need organized, you can reuse things around the house like shoeboxes and egg cartons to help with this. If you have milk crates or pallets where large items are delivered to you, you can repurpose them into a way to stack in your storage unit.

You can also use things you already own instead of purchasing more storage options. For example, your wine crates could be used for holding books or vases, while your suitcases can be used to hold out-of-season clothing or shoes.

Plastic ties over packing tape

If you do have times where you need to secure something and you’re tempted to buy packing tape, try to utilize plastic ties instead. You can secure curtain rods, cords, hoses, and small items with zip ties. Make sure you buy reusable ties.

Wash the eco-friendly way before storage

If you have things that need to be washed before they are stored away in boxes or a storage unit, you can be eco-friendly in the way you clean them. Put clothing, bedding, towels, and other linens in the washing machine using cold water, and then avoid drying in a typical clothing dryer. Instead, hang everything to dry and you’ll find between the cold water and the air drying that you’ll save a great deal of energy usage.

Use up ingredients

Instead of packing and storing your pantry, take the time to try to use up most of your food. Think of it like shopping at the grocery store but in your own pantry. Try to get creative with meals and use up as many ingredients as you can to avoid food waste, save money on meals, and have less that needs to be packed away.

Donate before packing

Lastly, consider going through all of your things and donating, selling, or discarding things as needed before packing everything away. You may find that there are things that could be sold for extra cash, while other things could be donated to someone who really needs it. Discard anything that can’t be donated and then the packing process will be much simpler.

Use these tips to ensure your moving storage will be much more eco-friendly!