3 ways to donate household items when you move

If you’re getting ready to move from one house to another, you’ve likely realized that not everything needs to go to the next home. Whether you prefer to buy new furniture for your new space, you are changing climates and need to get rid of clothing, or you had a pile of things that you hadn’t gotten around to donating, there are plenty of opportunities to get rid of your things without throwing them in the trash.

You’ll feel good about donating to someone else that can get use out of your items while avoiding contributing to the landfills. Here are 3 ways to donate your household items when you move.

How to donate your old furniture

Unlike your usual run to the local donation center when you get tired of old clothes, your furniture is going to require more effort to get it donated. If it’s something you can donate with your own vehicle, you can likely find a Goodwill drop-off center by using the online Goodwill Locator, call the Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore to see if they will accept it, or talk to Salvation Army about drop-off centers in your area.

You’ll need to inspect the furniture to check for damage because many locations will not accept anything with missing parts, stains, rips, or things that don’t work properly. Make sure it is in good condition and clean.

You can also check with these organizations if you need someone to pick up the furniture as well, as some organizations have pick-up services. Talk to Donation Town, a database for local charities that will pick up furniture for free, as well as Freecycle, an online community in which people give away their goods to others, or The National Furniture Bank Association, which provides furniture to families in need around the country, to see if your items could be of use to anyone there as well.

What about appliances and electronics?

Now that you’ve handled the big items, you’ll likely wonder where you can take small appliances or electronics that you’ve decided to part with for the move. Goodwill and Salvation Army will take working small appliances and may even accept your larger appliances. You can also check online at Excess Access, a donation website where you can post thing like appliances, and you can be connected to local charities that can use them.

Your electronics are a wonderful thing to donate for many reasons. An organization called Cell Phones for Soldiers takes gently used cell phones and provides free communication services to serving troops and veterans. There is an organization called Get-Well Gamers Foundation where kids in hospitals will be provided with donated video game systems and games.

Additionally, organizations like HopeLine from Verizon, Lifecell Project, and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence need donations for things like cell phones, accessories, and office equipment to help those in need around the world.

Clothing and other general items

clothes donation box

Lastly, when you have a pile of things like books, clothes, shoes, and kitchen glasses that you need to get rid of, you’ll have plenty of options for where to donate. Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Volunteers of America are a great place to start for charities that accept general goods like these.

You can also donate clothes specifically to Dress of Success and Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits. Check out Better World Books for book donations and Bikes of the World for your old sports and fitness equipment.

Don’t throw away the things in your home that you are one with. Contact local charitable organizations and homeless shelters to see if your things could go to people that really need them. You’ll feel great about the donation and in some cases, you can get a tax deduction too.