5 ways to reduce waste when moving

One of the biggest problems with moving from one home to another is that moving your household causes a great deal of waste. There are packing materials to consider and all of the things that may have cluttered up in the house to deal with when it’s time to move that can no longer be put off until another day.

Luckily there are some easy ways to reduce waste when moving so that you can have a more successful move without the guilt of wasting. Take a look at these five ways to reduce waste for your upcoming move.

Recycle those packing supplies

The easiest way to reduce waste when moving is to simply make a point to recycle your moving supplies after the move. You’ve likely used cardboard boxes, packing peanuts, and packing paper to move all of your household goods from one home to another.

When you arrive at the new house, it’s time to recycle or donate these items to someone who can use them rather than throwing them in the trash. It’s just as easy to recycle as it is to dispose and sometimes, there are people who would love to take your packing supplies for their own move.

A mother teaching her children about recycling

Use what you already own

Sometimes moving comes with buying supplies to move the things you have to another home when you could simply use some of the things you already own as moving supplies. For example, instead of packing your suitcases in moving boxes, why not use those suitcases to pack up dresser drawers?

Instead of packing blankets in a box, use them to wrap fragile items and save on bubble wrap. Use up newspapers, old towels, and even old t-shirts to pack. Use the things you already have as moving supplies before you purchase anything that may become waste.

Go green with your moving supplies

Another great way to reduce waste would be simply to choose reusable packing supplies through companies like Greenbox, which means you won’t have any waste at all. Using these hard containers that stack neatly in the moving truck will reduce waste, the chance of broken items, and a waste of space on moving day.

Declutter the house

One of the best ways to reduce waste for a move is to simply own fewer household goods that will need to be moved. Decluttering the house will not only allow you to pack less but will also take a weight off your shoulders too.

You’ll notice the house will start to clear up of the things you don’t need and the packing process will make more sense as you pack the things you truly want to keep in your life. Use this as an opportunity to part with things you really don’t love or use anymore.

Have a yard sale

Lastly, a yard sale is a great opportunity to get rid of things you’ve decluttered or things you’d rather get rid of in exchange for a little extra cash and less to pack. Make sure to research some easy tips to make the most of your garage sale and you’ll love getting rid of some of those extra things you don’t want any more while bringing in some extra spending money for the move.

Make your move a little less wasteful by using these five tips for reducing moving waste.