The Chicago Green Box Complete Guide to Renting Moving Boxes

If you’ve heard about the latest in the moving industry, you’ve likely heard about the new concept to rent plastic moving boxes rather than using the standard cardboard option. Even so, you may not be aware of how this works, if it’s available to you, and why it’s better. Not only does it save you time and money, but your stuff will be better protected, the environment will thank you, and your move will be way easier. How could changing to plastic moving boxes make such a big difference in the moving process? Take a look at why so many are making the switch and why you may want to too.

why plastic moving boxes are better

What’s it like to move with plastic boxes

Similar to a plastic storage container you’d buy at the store to store tools and outdoor toys in your garage, plastic moving boxes are designed to hold heavy duty items without the risk of crushing items in other boxes from stacking. When you have heavier items to pack, sometimes a cardboard box just won’t do the trick. With Chicago Green Box, you can rent plastic moving boxes in a variety of sizes to contain items from your garage to your kitchen. Some of those heavy books can go in a smaller container to make it easier to carry while your clothes could be stacked neatly in a larger plastic box that will be easy to move and unpack at your destination. You used to worry about your items piercing through the sides of your cardboard boxes or crushing the boxes below it causing damage to those items. Now, your plastic moving crates are stacked neatly, despite the weight inside, without fear of damage.

When you choose plastic moving boxes, you’ll get them delivered to your door and ready to be packed. You won’t have to pick up cardboard boxes, pick up shipping tape with scissors and labels, and then assemble them before you can get to work. With plastic moving boxes, they are delivered to you in the variety of sizes and are ready to easily pack without the hassle of assembly. You’ll have handles and the boxes will be made to withstand heavier weights compared to cardboard. Your movers will thank you when they are loading your boxes into the moving truck, where you’ve been able to assign heavier items like books to medium or smaller boxes while pillows and blankets are perfect for the larger containers. Get a wardrobe box to carefully move your delicate wardrobe items and count on all of your containers being moved with weatherproof resistance, damage-proof toughness, and easy to pack and unpack with a pop up secured top.

The details of your rental

Along with deliver of your crates, you’ll be able to have Chicago Green Box collect your crates for you after your move is complete. Simply let them know how long you’ll need the containers when you sign up for your move with two weeks being about the standard time it takes to pack and unpack. You’ll probably need a full week before the move to pack up your home, a day or two to actually move, and the rest of the second week to unpack. You may even want an extra week if you are making a longer move or want to really take your time packing and unpacking. Typically, you can make a request for more time if you need an extension in the end, and you’ll be quoted for the additional pricing of a rental extension, making your move even more carefree than ever. No need to take your cardboard box mess to the landfill after a move; simply rent moving boxes that will protect your belongings best and save you half the cost of cardboard and packing supplies.

Make this move the one that makes your friends jealous of how easy it is and choose rented moving boxes to move your household to Chicago. Order now!