5 Hidden Costs from Using Cheap Moving Boxes

hidden costs of cardboard boxes

You probably thought that going cheap on moving boxes would be an easy way to save money, right? Actually, those cheap moving boxes are going to cost you more in the long run. While you may have saved money by borrowing boxes from a friend, utilizing somebody’s old boxes that they didn’t need anymore, or purchasing a few cardboard boxes to get you through, these are all old-school options that just aren’t necessary anymore.

You’ll end up damaging your goods, wasting your time, spending extra on gas and transportation, and even harming the environment in the process. Your move from one house to a new one doesn’t have to be like this. Stop choosing cheap moving boxes and put your money into reusable plastic moving boxes for your next move. Here is a closer look at what these are and how you’ll save yourself a small fortune using them.

The hidden costs of cheap moving boxes

When you purchase or receive free, used moving boxes, you’re more likely to break fragile items leading in the costs of replacement or the loss in the money you originally spent on the item. It’s too easy to drop or break items that aren’t packed well due to poorly constructed boxes or cheap quality that can’t withhold the weight. It would be a shame to end up damaging items that were packed in boxes with dirt, germs, spilled liquids, insects, or torn spots

You can’t imagine the time you’ll waste trying to locate and collect cheap moving boxes. Think of what you could have done with that time had you just gone with high-quality boxes. Rather than driving around to grocery stores asking for box donations, picking them up from friends, and then assembling them at home, why not just rent high-quality, durable, reusable green boxes? There is no assembly required and you’ll be able to have them delivered and picked up from your home rather than driving around seeking out cheap moving boxes.

Speaking of driving around, the gas you’ll use to do so will be quite a waste. You’ll also be driving around to the hardware store or moving supply store to get everything you need when you could have just rented from a local company like Chicago Green Box.

It’s inexpensive and eco-friendly, which means you’ll save your wallet and the landfills. Rather than taking more trees from the environment and filling the landfills, you could rent plastic moving boxes that are easy to pack, avoid wasteful cardboard, don’t need to be taped, and can be re-used by others in the community that need to move too.

Why you should make the switch to plastic containers

Rather than risk damaging your fragile items, spilling liquid from old moving boxes onto your precious family photos, wasting time and gas to drive around collecting old boxes, and harming the environment before and after your move, make the switch to green moving container.

You can pack them up nicely, stack them up nicely in the moving truck, and have them collected after your move rather than tearing down boxes and filling up your trash cans. You’ll love the savings in time, money, energy, and the care of your precious belongings.

While cheap moving boxes seemed like a good idea at the time, they actually cost you more in the long run.  Contact The Chicago Greenbox today and order your Green Moving Boxes!