How to Reduce Waste & Recycle During a Move

Moving can cause a ton of waste. From the books to the bubble wrap, there are plenty of things you will likely throw away during a move.

You don't have to waste when moving. There are several ways to reduce waste and recycle during a move. Here are some of the best ways to reduce waste and recycle when you're moving.

Don't Use Cardboard Boxes

While you can certainly recycle cardboard boxes, you don't have to use them at all. You can use reusable moving boxes to ensure you don't waste boxes after you've moved.

Did you know, if a cardboard box gets wet, it cannot be recycled? Often, moving boxes cannot be recycled for one reason or another and they end up as waste. However, when you rent reusable moving boxes, they don't have to be recycled because they end up being reused.

Use Things You Have for Packing Supplies

If you have old newspapers, old towels, t-shirts, and other soft things, use it for packing. You don't have to buy new packing supplies for your move. Even towels you plan to use when you arrive, you can use for packing fragile things. You can also use sheets, blankets, and anything else soft that you already own.

The soft things you don't plan to keep can be donated. The best way to reduce waste during a move is to not create new waste. By using things you already own as packing materials, you don't have to buy as much bubble wrap and you won't have to waste as much.

Eliminate What You Don't Need or Want

Before you start packing, take the time to go through everything you own and get rid of what you don't want. It can be donated or even thrown away, if necessary. Donate anything that can be reused by someone else from clothing to old appliances.

By going through everything you own, you'll reduce what you need to move, which will help you to create less waste. You can even have a yard sale if you want to make a bit of extra cash from your unwanted things.

Recycle Anything That's Recyclable

It doesn't have to be a cardboard box to be recycled. Check your local recycling program and see what they will take. Some places will take old packing paper and even bubble wrap. Even if it cannot be recycled through your municipality, you can reuse some things.

Maybe you have leftover bubble wrap or packing supplies. It may come in handy around the holidays if you need to ship any gifts to family members. If possible, store your packing supplies and use them as your main things to keep from having to buy new and waste the old.

There are several good ways to reduce waste and recycle when you're moving. Using plastic moving boxes is a good start and using your soft goods as packing materials can help, too. Make sure you use the tips above and come up with your own creative ways to reduce waste and recycle when moving.

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