5 Tips for Labeling Your Moving Boxes

Moving is one of the most disorganized times in anybody's life. The funny thing, it's one of the times you really need to be organized. For most people, however, this type of transitional period comes with disorganizing.

You don't have to have a disorganized moving day. With the right (green) boxes, the right packing supplies, and plenty of time to work, you can get ready to move in an organized way. One of the keys to moving organization is labeling your moving boxes. Here are five tips to help you label your moving boxes properly.

Create a System

Start by creating your labeling system. Choose a set of quality markers in different colors, specifically bright colors, if possible. Don't use an ordinary pen or something super simple when you can use a much better set of markers. Place tape over the box and write on the tape directly to not ruin the boxes!

Along with markers, you want colored tape and labels to make your life easier. You can use colored tape to help match the boxes and make them easier to spot. In addition, printable moving box labels can be used to make labeling each box easier. You can get labels for fragile boxes and more.

Color Codes Work

Assign a color to each room of the house. For example, you can use the blue marker for the MASTER BEDROOM and the red marker for the KITCHEN. Match your colored tape to the color of the marker and you'll be able to easily spot which box goes with which room when you arrive at your new home.

While you may know the color system, you need to let your movers in on the secret, too. Tape a piece of paper to the doors of your new home matching the color assigned to that room. This, along with communicating to your movers will make it really easy to deliver the boxes into the right rooms in your new home.

Create and Label an "Open First Box"

An open first box should have everything you need for the first night or two in your new home. This box should be labeled in big, bold letters as the OPEN FIRST BOX. It should be very easy to spot and if you need more than one don't be afraid to pack a couple of open first boxes. It's best if you pack these last so they are easy to get to when you arrive and they come out of the truck first.

Use Fragile on Anything Breakable

Labeling a box as fragile tells the person handling it to be careful. Don't just slap one sticker saying fragile on the top. Label the box as fragile on every single side to ensure there is no way the movers or yourself will miss the message.

Fragile Moving Box Label

Label Each Box as Soon as it's Packed

There is no better time than right after you put in the last item to label your box. If you wait, you will likely forget what's in it. Instead, you can label the box before you start packing it with the assigned color and room. Then, you can write down each item on the side of the box, as you put it in the box.

With these five tips for labeling your green moving boxes, you will be far more organized for your move. Organization during a move will help to keep the stress down and make the experience much easier.