4 Tips to Effectively Pack Your Moving Boxes

Getting your green moving boxes is just the start. Once you have the right boxes for your residential move, you have to effectively pack your moving boxes. The right packing strategy will go a long way in protecting your items.

If you're planning to move, you need to know how to pack your boxes. Here are five of the best tips to ensure you pack your moving boxes properly.

Pack Room-By-Room

An effective method of packing your moving boxes is to do it room-by-room. With this packing method, it's easy to get unpacked when you arrive at your new home.

Start with the bedrooms and move through the house one room at a time. Make sure everything is fully labeled and use a different color marker for each room. Label the boxes with the room and the contents of the box to make sure they end up in the right place when you arrive at your new home.

If you use the room-by-room packing method, you'll be glad you did when you arrive at your new home. It's a great way to ensure your moving boxes are properly packed for a successful move.

Don't Use Large Boxes for Heavy Items

Larger moving boxes can be tempting to use for all kinds of items. However, when you put heavy items in these boxes, you make an awkward box to carry even more awkward. The last thing you need is an injury when moving. Pack lighter things, such as pillows and baskets into larger moving boxes or trash bags and try to put heavier things into your green moving boxes as they are more sturdy.

It's best to consider grouping items by size and weight as you go through each room, too. The other danger of packing larger moving boxes with heavier items is the integrity of the box. If the box breaks, you could be in for all kinds of issues. Imagine a kitchen box filled with dishes breaking under the weight. It could be a huge mess. You won't have to worry about this with our reusable moving boxes!

A good rule of thumb for the weight of your boxes is to keep them under 30 pounds each.

Pack Lighter Items on the Top

Chicago Green Moving boxes being packed up by The Professionals

Putting heavier items on the bottom of the box is a good start. Then, you want to pack your lighter items on the top of those heavier items. This type of packing will allow your lighter items to survive the move without being crushed.

Wrap Everything That's Fragile

If it could break, wrap it. Use bubble wrap or packing paper to ensure anything fragile is protected from damage. You can even cushion the most fragile items with towels and other soft items you need to pack for the move.

Packing your boxes is important. Use these packing tips to ensure you make moving easier.