Why You Need to Stop Buying Cardboard Boxes for Moving

why you shouldn't use cardboard boxes for moving

Moving often means buying tons of cardboard boxes, which you have no use for once you've moved. What a waste and it's more than just the boxes.

When you use cardboard boxes, you also need to buy packing tape to hold them together, knives to cut them apart and all types of different packing materials to go inside the boxes. After you move, all of this ends up in a dumpster never to be thought of again.

Reusing Cardboard Boxes

While reusing cardboard boxes may seem like a good idea, it's often not good, if you choose used cardboard boxes for moving. You may think that you're recycling these boxes, but you're actually putting your items at risk. A used cardboard box may not be as sturdy as a new box and could put your items at risk. The last thing you need is the bottom falling out of a box and your fragile items shattering all over the pavement.

A Better Way to Move

Instead of choosing flimsy cardboard boxes for your move, you can rent eco-friendly boxes from Chicago Greenbox, which will create absolutely no waste whatsoever. With the greenboxes from Chicago Greenbox, you won't have to figure out how to dispose of all those cardboard boxes and you won't need to worry about a flimsy box breaking on you. In addition, you won't need to buy any packing tape to hold the boxes together.

You may think it's too expensive to rent boxes compared to getting some cheap cardboard boxes that have already been used. However, when you break something you love or something with value because you used a cheap, used cardboard box, it becomes even more expensive.

Buying new cardboard boxes can get very expensive, as well. When you rent eco-friendly Chicago Greenboxes, you're not only helping the environment, but you're also choosing a more affordable solution compared to generic cardboard moving boxes. In addition you get durable and efficient moving boxes designed for everyday household items.

What if it Rains or Snows?

Have you ever set down a cardboard box on a wet surface? It becomes a hazard within just minutes as the cardboard soaks up the moisture and no longer provides the sturdy surface it once did. When you use Chicago Greenboxes for your moving, you won't have to worry about rain or snow. Instead, you can move forward with your move without worrying about boxes getting wet and breaking easily.

There are many benefits of choosing a better moving box and ditching the cardboard. While this will have a positive impact on the environment, especially when you choose an eco-friendly solution like Chicago Greenbox, it will also provide you with many additional benefits. This affordable moving box solution makes carrying and stacking easy, while taking the hassle out of moving.

You don't need to worry about the weather and in many cases; using Greenboxes will be more affordable than purchasing moving boxes for all of your items. If you want a safer, more eco-friendly way to move, Chicago Greenbox is the solution for you.