Why You Should Be Using Green Moving Boxes for Your Office Move

With an upcoming office move for your business, you may be dreading how much waste it’s going to produce to make it happen. There are cardboard boxes, packing peanuts, and packing tape to purchase, use once, and then throw away.

While it may seem harmless, it becomes a problem when everyone is doing it this way and causing huge waste for things that can’t be reused or recycled. Instead, go green for your office move and you may find it’s the only way you ever want to move again. Check out green moving boxes; the way of the future for office, and all types of moves.

 It reduces waste

The easiest way to go green with your upcoming move is to use green moving boxes. You are going to reduce all of the waste that comes with moving by choosing green moving boxes. Not only are they reusable and avoid the waste of buying and throwing away cardboard, but they offer better protection for your items.

They can be purchased and kept for storage in your new home or you can rent them to use for your move and have them picked up afterward. If you need more time to unpack, just call and reschedule pick-up until you are ready.

It’s more secure

Another huge benefit to using green moving boxes is that your items will actually be way more secure being transported this way than using traditional cardboard boxes. With cardboard boxes, it’s possible that they could become damaged and sensitive documents could become exposed.

With green moving boxes, you are essentially using a plastic crate that can be zip tied or locked up during transport. Not only are they in a sturdier container that isn’t going to get damaged during transport, but the items inside are more secured as if you were moving everything in their own personal safe.

 Green Moving Boxes behind The Professional Moving Specialists employee

It’s more efficient

These green moving boxes are the perfect way to move your office. Pack up your items in each container and feel good about their safety moving from one office to another. You won’t have to worry about a heavy cardboard box being placed on another and crushing it, water leaks damaging the box and its contents, or something sharp cutting into the side ruining your personal belongings. Instead, you’ll have sturdy boxes of the same shape and size that can be neatly and perfectly stacked one on top of the other in the moving truck.

Lastly, consider using things you already own to supplement with the move as well. If you have suitcases, you can pack your clothing in those as if you are going on a trip. Use gym bags and duffel bags to pack things like shoes and toiletries. Use your reusable grocery totes to pack pantry items and coolers to pack your fridge.

Use those plastic bins from the basement to pack up holiday items and toys, while dresser drawers can be used to pack extra linens and pillows. Use what you have to avoid wasting with cardboard and extra materials that you’ll just throw away afterward.

When you hire a green moving company, you can trust that your office move is a waste-free, green, and efficient experience. Not only do they provide green moving boxes, but you’ll likely find that have other eco-friendly practices within their operations. Make sure to use green boxes for your upcoming office move so that you can reduce waste, move things in the most efficient way, and feel good about how secure your belongings are during the move.

3 Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials for Your Next Move

Moving homes comes with many purchases of one-time use items like moving boxes, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap. Once you arrive at your new house and unpack, you’ll start to feel really wasteful as you end up with piles of cardboard and stuffing that no longer has a purpose. Lugging all of these materials to the trash while others moving around the country every day are doing the same thing may make you think that there has got to be a better way.

The good news is that you can switch to eco-friendly packing methods that can eliminate this problem entirely. Take a look at these 3 eco-friendly packaging materials that will have you sending nothing to the trash after unpacking.

Green Boxes

Cardboard moving boxes are becoming a thing of the past. Instead, green boxes are taking over the market. Just like you store things in the house in plastic bins for better protection and easier use compared to cardboard, you can use this same mindset when it comes to your move. Introducing green moving boxes, the reusable moving containers that offer a cleaner, sturdier, and easier transport of your household goods.

Not only are these sturdier and easier to use, but they offer an environmentally-friendly solution being made of recycled plastic and reusable for future moves. There won’t be any more throwing out of cardboard boxes after moving or trying to buy some used cardboard boxes that could be dirty or unsafe. Instead, you’ll enjoy the security of clean, sturdy, eco-friendly, and easily stackable, recycled plastic moving boxes that will cause no additional waste from your move or future movers. Order yours today with The Chicago Green Box!


Another way to avoid waste is to use reusable soft items like blankets and towels to protect fragile items. Instead of purchasing items you’ll use one time for protection, like packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and protective paper, use things you own or purchase things that could be reused in the future.

Even old clothes can be rolled up and place in gaps in boxes to protect items from shifting. Duffle bags can be used to move non-fragile items like books or shoes. If you don’t own anything like that, you can purchase or rent moving blankets and more that can be used by someone else in the future.

Reusable protective wraps

If you do still have a need for some protective packaging, look into greener solutions. You can use items in your own home that were intended for something else and can now be used in the move, such as egg cartons, newspapers, and magazines to protect your fragile items.

If you are going to purchase new items, choose eco-friendly packaging materials like recycled packing paper, reusable pads, old newspapers, or used packing peanuts that were going to end up in the trash. Wash sandwich bags after using them to packaging small items and use laundry baskets to pack things like pillows or pantry items. Pack your clothing into suitcases as if you were going on a trip instead of packing them into boxes. Be creative with ways to go green this upcoming move.

You can go waste-free or recycled for your entire upcoming move with the right solutions offered above!

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Top 6 Moving Supplies You Must Have

Have you purchased your moving supplies yet? When it comes to your upcoming move in Chicago, you’re going to need a few must-haves to get your belongings securely packed up. You’ve likely considered purchasing some cardboard boxes and packing tape, but are these the only way to move your stuff?

You may be surprised to learn about the latest in moving supplies with green moving boxes, which don’t require any packing tape and will ensure your items are moved safer than ever. Take a look at these boxes and the rest of the moving supplies you should get before your upcoming move.

Go green with plastic moving boxes

You already go green with your weekly recycling and cutting back on printing by doing everything digitally. Now you can go green for your upcoming move, too. Talk to the professionals at the Chicago Green Box to get stocked up on plastic moving boxes which can be rented for your move and returned when you are done.

Say goodbye to the days of buying and assembling cardboard boxes just to throw them away and cluttering landfills afterward. Plastic moving boxes can be delivered to you and picked up after your move, which means that you’re saving your wallet and the environment all in this decision. Pack up your items in heavy-duty, plastic boxes that don’t require packing tape or assembly.

Pick up some packing paper and bubble wrap

While you don’t need cardboard boxes and packing tape, you’ll still want some paper and bubble wrap to protect your belongings. This is the place to invest your money into by stocking up on proper wrapping for your items. You can go green with green wrap rolls that are made from recycled paper to wrap those wine bottles or fine china, while bubble wrap is another great option to put at the bottom of your boxes for extra cushioning.

Get specialty boxes like wardrobe boxes

You can even get your wardrobe boxes made from plastic. You don’t have to worry about how you’ll transfer fine clothing because these make it easy to keep your clothes right on the hanger and safe from wrinkles or exposure. Since these are reusable, you don’t have to worry about going cardboard for this area of things either. This is a great solution for your bedding and linens too.

Dish dividers

One area that is tricky to pack is your kitchen dishware and anything made with glass. You may think you’ll need to waste all of the bubble wrap you purchased but now you can get glass and dish dividers made from corrugated plastic. These are reusable inserts that are available with your green moving box rental and it will make it easy to pack up your kitchen.

A moving dolly will help

Once you’ve packed up your plastic boxes, you’ll want an easy way to move from inside the house up to the moving truck. Use a moving dolly to roll your contents from your home to the truck. A four wheel dolly will take the heavy lifting out of the equation and you’ll notice how much easier they work with your plastic boxes compared to random cardboard boxes.

Don’t forget the lifting straps

Lastly, be sure to stock up on lifting straps to make your move easier than ever. These are the latest in Chicago moves with straps that allow you to gain leverage as you carry heavy items. Move your kitchen appliances, your washing machine, or your awkward mattress that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can lift items that weigh up to 800lbs with just two people using lifting straps and the risk of an injury to your back is greatly reduced.

Moving is easier than ever with matching plastic boxes and the rest of these moving supplies. Be sure to get these six must-haves before your next move.

Reusable Moving Boxes vs. Cardboard vs. Plastic Bins

For your upcoming Chicago move, have you been stocking up on cardboard boxes? You may want to think again as the latest in moving trends offers a simpler option that you may have never seen before. Now you can get plastic, reusable moving boxes that will allow for better protection of your belongings, a greener solution that causes no waste, and a money-saving option all-in-one.

Reusable moving boxes and plastic bins are the best new option for moving and you’ll never want to go back to cardboard again. Take a look at the differences between reusable moving boxes, plastic bins, and the old-fashioned cardboard boxes.

The scoop on Reusable Moving Boxes

Reusable moving boxes are the best solution for your next Chicago move. They offer an eco-friendly solution to this normally wasteful process of filling the landfills with cardboard boxes after one use. You’ll be going green with this environmentally-friendly solution while saving yourself money too.

It can cost around half the price of normal cardboard boxes while saving you the hassle of buying packing tape and assembling them after purchase. You don’t have to worry about cutting yourself on packing tape cutters or dealing with the difficulty of opening and closing the boxes since these types of boxes are simple to pack, close, and open again.

You’ll also find a level of durability that can’t be found in cardboard boxes. Being made of hard plastic, there is no busting at the seams, punctures through the bottom or sides, and no crushing when boxes are stacked one on top of another.

These boxes are designed for handling the weight of the box above it while protecting your fragile items from breakage and crushing.  You’ll also notice that you’ll save space with the various size options and that they stack nicely in a moving van compared to random cardboard boxes. You won’t even have to worry about damage from rain or other causes of moisture since these boxes are water resistant.

The option of Plastic Bins

You may have considered the option of just buying a bunch of plastic bins from the store and packing up your items this way. While this offers a similar solution to reusable moving boxes, you’ll find that these can add up in a hurry and you’ll likely be left with leftover plastic bins when you reach your destination and have no specific purpose for them.

Instead of buying several plastic bins from the store in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can rent your reusable moving bins from The Chicago Green Box, which will allow for a simple, one-time use and a much small price-point. Instead of owning these plastic bins and trying to find a purpose for them, simply have the professionals at Chicago Green Box deliver you the amount you need for a one-time rental, and then pick them up from you after your move. You’ll feel confident knowing that these boxes are designed for moves, come in large quantities, and will stack nicely being the same shapes and designs.

Why Cardboard is so out

Of course, cardboard is the most common moving supply that people assume are needed for a move. The days of cardboard are out now that people realize that reusable green boxes make moving safer, cheaper, simpler, and overall better. Cardboard requires a great deal of money, assembly, tape, and they end up adding to your landfills.

You’ll also find they aren’t as durable, resistant to the elements, or as simple to stack. While they can be recycled in most places and they fold up nicely once disassembled, they will cause you more time and money in the process. Reusable moving boxes can be used one time and then returned to the company for the next customer while being out of your home for good.

That’s a closer look at the differences between renting reusable moving boxes, purchasing cardboard, or purchasing plastic bins for your upcoming move.

Save Money on Expensive Moves & Packing

It seems like there is no way around it; moving is expensive. It’s a time where you are putting the final touches on the place you’re leaving, such as cleaning, fresh paint, and realtor costs, while putting deposits down on something new, such as a down payment, new furniture, or utility setup fees.

It’s a time where you are looking to cut costs any which way, which means getting all of the advice and tips you can is essential. One area you may be considering cutting costs is with the moving crew, thinking that if you just do it yourself you’ll save a fortune.

There are actually quite a few arguments for hiring a professional crew, and one is that it will end up costing you less in the end. Take a look at these ways you’ll save money on what is normally an expensive move and a cost-effective way to pack.

Movers are more efficient and bring the supplies

One of the biggest costs behind your move will be a trunk rental, the expense of your time, and all of the supplies you’ll need to move your stuff. Hiring a professional moving crew solves this problem. They will bring the truck and the equipment, and save you time since they are experienced, fast, and can do the job without you.

You can use that time to take care of other matters while they are taking care of the job in a more efficient way than you could since they have so much experience in this type of job. They’ll also show up on time while your group of friends that are helping out may have to work around other commitments.

You’ll no longer be worrying about renting your own truck, purchasing tools like tools to disassemble furniture or furniture dollies, and you won’t have to provide a meal for their generosity. By simply paying the moving expenses to one company, all of this is handled and your friends don’t have to be bothered.

Rented moving boxes

The best part about working with a professional moving company in your area, aside from the relief that movers won’t break your belongings like you might, is that you can rent plastic moving boxes that will save you the hassle of the traditional cardboard.

Instead of spending hours purchasing, hauling, and assembling cardboard boxes, you can now rent plastic moving boxes from your moving company that you can use the one time and return when you’re done. Your stuff will not only be safer from breakage during the move, but you’ll be helping the environment out too.

Plastic moving boxes are more cost-effective since they come at an affordable rental rate and don’t require a bunch of packing tape to assemble and close up tight, and you can have them dropped off and picked up right from home. This is one area you can really save a fortune that you may have overlooked had you tried to handle the move all on your own.

Don’t try to be a hero and handle the move from step A to Z; hire a professional moving company in your area to help you with everything, including saving you on moving boxes, moving supplies, a truck, and the time you would have wasted trying to do it yourself!

Should You Rent Moving Boxes When Moving to Chicago?

It’s common sense that you are going to need to get moving boxes when you prepare for your move to Chicago. Many like to start thinking about it early too, in order to start the packing process and figure out how many more they may need from their initial purchase. There are so many items to carefully pack from antiques to artwork, daily dishes to fine china, kids’ toys and even the pets’ belongings. Once people realize how much stuff they have, they start to realize that packing boxes feel wasteful, only to be used for this move and then discarded into landfills. They sometimes fail on you, breaking and bending in the move, and they take forever to assemble. Instead, it’s time to switch to renting plastic moving boxes. Here is why you should consider it for your move to Chicago.

Moving to the Windy City is already a challenge

With such a big city like Chicago, it can be challenging to move in or out of the area. You’ll likely be dealing with long flights of stairs in a historical neighborhood, busy traffic, one-way streets, and dodging other drivers on the freeway. This means that your belongings are likely to shift in transport. Relying on cardboard boxes that you assembled yourself can be dangerous, knowing that there is only so much protection there and that something is likely going to be broken upon arrival. Prepare for a move to a busy and crowded area like Chicago by making a smart packing decision from the start.

Your belongings will be safer

Many are making the transition to plastic moving crates because it makes for a safer move. Your belongings can’t be crushed from boxes stacked on top of one another. Larger and heavy items are not always stacked on the bottom by the movers, which means you may arrive with fragile items being crushed by that box of books. With plastic moving crates, everything is stacked neatly in crush-proof boxes. No more broken glass or crumbled corners of cardboard boxes; your plastic moving crates are thick, solid structures that are easy to stack and made to protect your belongings. Think of all the time you’ll save avoiding assembling cardboard boxes.

You’ll save some dough

Not only will you save yourself time, but your wallet will thank you too. Renting plastic moving boxes rather than purchasing cardboard boxes again will save you a great deal of cash. The cost of moving boxes is typically about half of the cost of buying standard moving boxes made of cardboard. You’ll also find that you can rent different sizes and that they will arrive to your home already assembled. Save money on packing tape, scissors, labels, cardboard boxes, and gas money to pick them up and instead, have plastic moving boxes delivered to you ready to use. You’ll love saving so much time and money, and saving the landfill from more waste after your move!

Don’t worry about water damage and leaks

Have you ever moved during a rainy day or opened a box to find something spilled, like cleaning solution or kitchen oils? You don’t have to worry about water damage or spills causing a huge mess to several boxes. Plastic moving crates are designed to by weatherproof from those rainy days, a difference from cardboard boxes that can even end up with water damage from a thick fog. You don’t have to worry about damaging several boxes during transport because one liquid spilled; it will contain itself to that box only which is likely going to be easy to clean if it’s packed with other liquid containers that could be rinsed off at destination.

Rather than spending the money and time on cardboard boxes for your upcoming Chicago move, choose plastic moving box rental with the Chicago Green Box company and you can count on a damage-free, inexpensive, and easy-going moving process!

Chicago Recycling for Everything

If you have gone “green” in your home, you are likely a big fan of recycling and helping the environment by reducing waste. Moving to Chicago may mean that you have to get used to new surroundings, new routines, and even finding out new places to recycle. It turns out that Chicago actually have some extensive new rules on recycling, especially important to those that have made the decision to use cardboard moving boxes in their upcoming move. You’ll have to do something with all of that cardboard and you’re probably hoping to reduce waste at the landfills. Take a look at this Chicago recycling guide so that you know what expect when you move to the Windy City.

What cannot be recycled

To begin, it’s important to understand what items cannot be disposed of through the recycling program so that you don’t arrive and expect to be able to do so. If you planned to shred some documents and then recycle the shredded pieces, keep in mind that this cannot be done. In fact, many people make the mistake of putting paper in their blue bin like this and then find out the whole thing was taken as trash. You also cannot put plastic bags in your recycling, which means that those who try to put their recycling in plastic bags will end up with their recycling going to the trash.

You’ll also want to avoid recycling items like pizza boxes and coffee cups, those common treats you’ll likely enjoy on moving day. Watch out for Styrofoam, No. 6 plastic and potato chip or other snack bags. If you move in and find that you have clothing, toys, odd-shaped plastic like laundry baskets, garden hoses, electronics, or cables that you don’t know really need, make sure that you avoid trying to put any of this into your recycling bin.

The rules on things you can recycle

Now that you know what items to avoid recycling, you may be wondering the proper way to recycle things like paper bags, yard waste, plastic bottles, and plastic wrap. After that Starbucks coffee on moving day or bag of potato chips, be sure to throw these in the regular trash and switch to reusable solutions after you get settled. That plastic bottle of Coca Cola can be recycled as long as the cap is placed back on and the air is squeezed out before resealing it. If you used any Styrofoam or polystyrene products like cups, plates, or packing peanuts, make sure you throw those away and switch to reusable solutions when you get unpacked. Your pizza box can be recycled if it doesn’t have food or grease on it, which could be torn off and the rest recycled. Ordering a pizza and drinking bottled water can make moving day more fun and offer you recyclable solutions at the same time.

Once you’ve gotten settled and you’re looking for more ways to recycle, keep in mind a few other Chicago rules of the blue bins. Those plastic bottles from your cleaning closet can be recycled as long as you remove the nozzles or pumps and leave the plastic caps on. Plastic wrap can’t be recycled but your newspaper can be. Liquids cause items to be non-recyclable which means that you can usually recycle something if you’ve cleaned it out or let it dry. This means your milk or juice cartons are perfect for recycle as long as you swish some water in it first. Don’t bother with napkins, tissues or paper towels though; these items have shorter fibers that aren’t recyclable. After you’ve had your house-warming party, recycle your paper gift bags if they aren’t metallic and remove the handles first. Once you’ve done your first round of yardwork, you can call 311 to have the yard waste picked up.

While recycling is a wonderful way to help the environment, many people are choosing rent plastic moving crates to avoid a cardboard box mess. Consider working with the professionals at Chicago Green Box to rent your moving gear and save yourself from waste in landfills or recycling headaches.

The Chicago Green Box Complete Guide to Renting Moving Boxes

If you’ve heard about the latest in the moving industry, you’ve likely heard about the new concept to rent plastic moving boxes rather than using the standard cardboard option. Even so, you may not be aware of how this works, if it’s available to you, and why it’s better. Not only does it save you time and money, but your stuff will be better protected, the environment will thank you, and your move will be way easier. How could changing to plastic moving boxes make such a big difference in the moving process? Take a look at why so many are making the switch and why you may want to too.

What’s it like to move with plastic boxes

Similar to a plastic storage container you’d buy at the store to store tools and outdoor toys in your garage, plastic moving boxes are designed to hold heavy duty items without the risk of crushing items in other boxes from stacking. When you have heavier items to pack, sometimes a cardboard box just won’t do the trick. With Chicago Green Box, you can rent plastic moving boxes in a variety of sizes to contain items from your garage to your kitchen. Some of those heavy books can go in a smaller container to make it easier to carry while your clothes could be stacked neatly in a larger plastic box that will be easy to move and unpack at your destination. You used to worry about your items piercing through the sides of your cardboard boxes or crushing the boxes below it causing damage to those items. Now, your plastic moving crates are stacked neatly, despite the weight inside, without fear of damage.

When you choose plastic moving boxes, you’ll get them delivered to your door and ready to be packed. You won’t have to pick up cardboard boxes, pick up shipping tape with scissors and labels, and then assemble them before you can get to work. With plastic moving boxes, they are delivered to you in the variety of sizes and are ready to easily pack without the hassle of assembly. You’ll have handles and the boxes will be made to withstand heavier weights compared to cardboard. Your movers will thank you when they are loading your boxes into the moving truck, where you’ve been able to assign heavier items like books to medium or smaller boxes while pillows and blankets are perfect for the larger containers. Get a wardrobe box to carefully move your delicate wardrobe items and count on all of your containers being moved with weatherproof resistance, damage-proof toughness, and easy to pack and unpack with a pop up secured top.

The details of your rental

Along with deliver of your crates, you’ll be able to have Chicago Green Box collect your crates for you after your move is complete. Simply let them know how long you’ll need the containers when you sign up for your move with two weeks being about the standard time it takes to pack and unpack. You’ll probably need a full week before the move to pack up your home, a day or two to actually move, and the rest of the second week to unpack. You may even want an extra week if you are making a longer move or want to really take your time packing and unpacking. Typically, you can make a request for more time if you need an extension in the end, and you’ll be quoted for the additional pricing of a rental extension, making your move even more carefree than ever. No need to take your cardboard box mess to the landfill after a move; simply rent moving boxes that will protect your belongings best and save you half the cost of cardboard and packing supplies.

Make this move the one that makes your friends jealous of how easy it is and choose rented moving boxes to move your household to Chicago. Order now!