What is a moving crate?

A moving crate is often a critical aspect of implementing a major move into a new home or location. It can prove to be quite challenging to hoist all of your belongings around in plastic bags – and even a strong supply of plastic moving boxes can be challenging to move from Point A to Point B. A ready solution can be found in a moving crate, which can help you save time at an affordable rate.

It can be quite challenging to try to fit all of your moving boxes into a recycling bin or other box you may happen to have on hand; the experienced team at Chicago Green Box can provide you with a simple alternative in the form of moving crates designed to easily transport all of your moving boxes on the day of your big move. The team can deliver the moving crates directly to your home and even pick them up from your new destination, making every step of the process as painless as possible.  

Don’t make the mistake of believing that cardboard boxes or those boxes you have around the home are a better option or cheaper; in the long run, you may both save money and derive great value from using an easily recyclable option like a plastic moving crate, which won’t put you at the risk of seeing your items drenched in the rain (cardboard is notoriously vulnerable to rain and the elements) or of contributing waste to the environment.