What chemicals are in cardboard boxes?

Cardboard boxes contain a wealth of chemicals that underscore why there are so environmental and sustainability concerns about the traditional method for moving items during a big move. Just a few years ago, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration moved to ban three chemicals that are traditionally used in a wide variety of popular boxes and packaging such as commonly used pizza boxes.

Given the damaging effects and toxicity of substances found in many cardboard boxes, you are well advised to consider using more environmentally friendly options, such as plastic boxes which can be far more readily recycled than cardboard, for your next big move. If planning a move in the Chicago area, consider reaching out to the team of experts at Chicago Green Box who can hook you up with more environmentally friendly options than cardboard boxes. You’ll likely have a much easier and cost-effective time moving, while also reducing the likelihood of any exposure to the harmful chemicals that remain far too prevalent in cardboard packaging. The plastic options offered by Chicago Green Box are specifically constructed to avoid vulnerability to rain and dust, while contributing no wasteful impact to the environment. You may also consider adopting more environmentally friendly products elsewhere in the home, particularly in common kitchen and bathroom products.