How to live more eco-friendly?

Given the increasingly clear impact that human activity has on the environment and our planet, any thinking person must be acting themselves what they can do to live in a more sustainable way that they can be proud of and leave a better legacy for the world. While it is difficult to match the impact that decisions by policy leaders make, there are many small steps that every citizen can take in their daily life to live more attuned to their environmental values – and ultimately live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.  

As consumers, we can all make change by making deliberate choices about the goods and services we choose to use. Give your business to companies that share your ethics and sense of responsibility about the environment. This can even extend to your next move; if you are moving in the Chicago area, for example, you can do a small but important part to usher in greater sustainability by choosing to use easily recyclable, plastic boxes – like the products offered at Chicago Green Box

You may have rarely considered the impact that cardboard boxes can leave on the environment in terms of chemicals and how difficult they are to recycle. Why not be a small part of the solution by choosing to use more environmentally friendly products – not to mention ones that are likely higher quality and more affordable than the cardboard alternatives?

Of course, using such boxes are just one step as part of a living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle; other steps you can take include biking or taking public transportation, using energy-efficient appliances at home, and taking deliberate steps to conserve on conspicuous usage of energy (i.e. wearing a sweater instead of always going right for the thermostat).