How to label moving boxes?

Labeling your moving boxes can be a challenging part of your home move on top of everting else you need to be doing throughout your move process. You will be glad in the long run if you take the time to be organized and clearly label your boxes; it will make your move run more smoothly and ensure that all of your items get from Point A to Point B. This is one of those times when it really pays to be organized; the last thing you want is chaos on moving day!

You can start by creating a labeling system in which you associate different colors with different boxes, such as pink colors for all items going to a bathroom. These colors WORK and make the actual move-in incredibly simple so that you don’t need to be squinting to read a multitude of different text labels; just refer to the colors.

Be sure to especially clearly label fragile items and set aside some boxes to be opened first for reasons of convenience, such as shelves and tables that other goods will go on.

Also be sure to label each box as soon as it is packed; otherwise you risk it quickly blending in with the other boxes and getting lost in the shuffle.