How to get boxes for moving?

The team at Chicago Green Box has got the process of acquiring moving boxes down to a simple science. When you choose your ideal plastic moving boxes, you won’t have to worry about going and picking them up or making another trip across town; on the contrary, you can get them delivered to your door and ready to be packed. 

Just think of how many needless steps this saves you in the whole process. You won’t have to pick up cardboard boxes, pick up shipping tape with scissors and labels, and then assemble them before you can get to work. With our signature green plastic moving boxes, each delivery comes straight to your door in the variety of sizes and are ready to easily pack without the hassle of assembly.

Along with on-demand delivery of your crates, the team can also take part of the next biggest headache in the process – disposing of your boxes. The team offers service to collect your crates for you after your move is complete. Simply let the Chicago team know how long you need a container for; you may likely need at least a week for the full process of moving and can request an extra week or so if you know you will be taking more time to unpack your home. 

No need for endless trips to the store or the landfill; make your friends jealous of how easy it is and choose rented moving boxes to move your household to Chicago.