How much are moving boxes?

The cost of moving boxes can vary depending on the size of your move and how many boxes you need, but there are efficient and cost-effective way to take control of your move. You may likely find that it is far more cost-effective and affordable to rent boxes rather than purchasing them, especially if you rent the easily recyclable, environmentally friendly, user-friendly products at Chicago Green Box.

No longer do you need to spend huge amounts of time worrying about finding and buying an array of cardboard boxes; you can work with the Chicago team to rent them for a finite time, complete with door delivery. Use them once, have them picked up, and get back to your day without fretting about buying and disposing of wasteful cardboard alternatives. It simply doesn’t make sense to be leveling forests only to fill up landfills with boxes that have only been used a handful of times. Be part of the solution and use more sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and affordable options.