What can you recycle in Chicago?

There are a number of options in Chicago for your recycling needs. Chicago’s leadership and citizenry have long taken pride in efforts to establish the city as a “green” leader, in contrast to the city’s roots as a heavy industrial polluter. Today you can find no shortage of options for recycling your household items, with recycling initiatives and programs widespread throughout the community.  

One good place to start for more specific info based on your location is at Recycle by City: Chicago which provides a handy guide for what products are recyclable (and which aren’t) as well as how to request assistance from the city in picking up your recyclables.

Another way to stay clean and sustainable in your daily life is to turn to recyclable products to begin with. If you are moving within the Chicago area to a new home for example, consider refraining from using cardboard boxes and instead turn to the eco-friendly, recyclable options available from the team at Chicago Green Box.