How to recycle moving boxes?

Sure, there may be some recycling options in your neighborhood, especially in a major city like Chicago with a robust recycling program. But you may be approaching the question of recycling your moving boxes from the wrong perspective. 

If you have seen Mike Nichols’ classic coming-of-age comedy The Graduate, you may remember the scene in which a fresh-faced Dustin Hoffman is barraged with an avalanche of questions and unsolicited suggestions for what he should do with his life now that he is a newly minted college man. Hoffman is unsure of what direction to go next or where he might find his life’s passion. That’s when middle-aged confidant passes on those immortal words of advice: “One word: plastics.”

Whether Hoffman ever took this advice is left for the audience to speculate, but the man certainly was right that plastics represent the future – at least when it comes to recyclable goods. Why try to recycle your traditional cardboard box model when you use an environmentally friendly option like one of the goods on offer at Chicago Green Box?

Not only are they built to last and be easily recyclable, you don’t even need to worry about that part of the process; the team will deliver the product to you, which you are free to rent rather than worry about purchasing a box only to discard later.  

As it’s almost inevitable that most moves will lead to accumulating a daunting amount of cardboard, these four quick tips on how to recycle moving boxes are designed to make the process of disposal as convenient and environmentally friendly as possible. Follow the suggestions below, and you’ll soon be free from the clutter of moving boxes you no longer need. Cut out the middle man – rather than recycling your next moving box, start off with the right material.