How Cardboard Boxes Can Slow Down Your Office Move

When it's time to move your office from one location to another, you probably picture cardboard moving boxes. They are the most common type of moving box, but that doesn't make them the right choice.

During an office move, you want to save time by packing and unpacking efficiently. You also want to make sure everything you pack is well protected. When you choose cardboard moving boxes, you will likely lose time and your items may not be as well protected.

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Green moving boxes are a better choice as they are rugged, recyclable, weatherproof, and save you time. Here are some of the ways cardboard moving boxes will slow you down during an office move.


Cardboard boxes have to be assembled. This may not seem like a big deal, but if your office move requires 100 boxes, that's 100 boxes you have to unfold, assemble, and tape up.

If you choose green moving boxes instead, you won't have any assembly time. Instead, you just pick up the box, open the lid, and start packing. No time is needed to unfold and tape up the boxes before you can start packing your things.


Along with taping the bottom of the cardboard boxes before packing them, you also have to waste time taping the top. Again, this may not seem like much time, but it adds up when you have to do it over and over again.

With plastic moving boxes, you don't need to secure them with tape. You won't be wasting time taping every single box you pack to ensure your items are secured.


Cardboard boxes have to be packed in a specific way or they could shift or become damaged in the moving process. You have to know which boxes are the heavy boxes, which ones are the largest, and which ones belong on the bottom compared to the top of the pile.

In addition, cardboard boxes have to be packed so that they don't break due to the weight. This means you have to take the time to create a strategy for your packing in order to make sure your things are protected.

During an office move, strategizing about everything you need to move can waste precious time. With green moving boxes, you don't have to worry about the integrity of the box or how they will stack in the truck. Instead, you can just open the box and start packing. When it's time to load up the truck, they sit neatly on top of each other and it doesn't matter how you've packed them, your items will be protected.

In addition, with green moving boxes, you can actually stack them on a dolly and roll them to the moving truck. This saves time from all the carrying you will likely do with cardboard boxes. It also helps to make your office move safer.

There are many ways using cardboard boxes may slow you down when it comes time to move your office. These are just a few of the main ways you may notice you are wasting time. Choosing green moving boxes will help to save you time and will also provide a better level of protection for your items.

How to Make Your Commercial Move be an Eco-Friendly Project

Moving from one commercial space to another is a big task. Maybe you're moving for a better location or for lower overhead. No matter the reason, you should be looking into how to move in the most eco-friendly way possible. Here are some of the best tips to ensure your commercial move is as eco-friendly as possible.

Use Eco-Friendly Moving Boxes

Your commercial move has to include eco-friendly; reusable moving boxes if you want it to be an eco-friendly project. Using cardboard boxes just won't cut it, even if you recycle those boxes after moving. Not only is cardboard much worse for the environment, but it's also not nearly as strong as green moving boxes.

When you choose green moving boxes, you're using a box that can be reused by many people after you before it must be replaced. You're choosing a box that's rigid and will better protect your business items as you move. It's simply a better choice for the environment and for your overall move.

Choose Eco-Friendly Packing Materials

While it all starts with the boxes, you want to make sure you also use plenty of environmentally-friendly packing materials. Instead of buying rolls of commercial bubble wrap, get biodegradable bubble wrap. You can also use newspaper, egg cartons, blankets, towels, and other reusable items as packing materials.

Hire the Right Green Moving Company

Some moving companies simply don't care about the environment, but others are very eco-friendly. When you choose a moving company committed to eco-friendly practices, they will use trucks running on cleaner fuels and they will provide reusable moving boxes as a part of their business model.

Take the time to look for a commercial moving company willing to go the extra mile for the environment. If they don't have eco-friendly moving practices in place, you may want to keep looking.

Limit the Number of Trips Made

Moving is a big deal and commercial moving usually doesn't mean you're leaving the city. Instead, you may be moving to a bigger location or a better location. You don't need to make a ton of trips in between these two locations to move, however.

Instead of trying to make small trips here and there, make the fewest number of trips possible. When you take fewer trips, you won't use as much fuel and it will be a more eco-friendly move. Don't move things little by little. Hire a moving company to move as much as possible on moving day and if you must move things ahead of time, pack your vehicle as full as you can to eliminate multiple trips.

With the right green moving boxes, the right packing materials, and the right eco-friendly moving company, you can make your commercial move an eco-friendly project. You don't have to let the environment suffer just because you're moving to a better location for your business.

Take the time to use these tips and put other eco-friendly practices in place. Once you're in the new location, you can also implement many new practices to ensure your business is as eco-friendly as possible.

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