Moving Boxes: Cardboard Vs Reusable Plastic Moving Boxes

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Cardboard Moving Boxes vs. Plastic Reusable Moving Boxes

In most general moves cardboard boxes are used to transfer your belongings from one location to another.  If you’ve ever moved before you know this requires a lot of patience, a lot of trouble, and a lot of tape… Cardboard boxes are effective for the most part, but unfortunately you forget all about this when:

-          Your struggling to repair your box after it came apart and your belongings are scattered all over the place


-          Your box became crushed under the pressure of other stacked items in your moving truck and is now the sole reason your valuables are damaged (I refuse to take responsibility)


-          You couldn’t even assemble your cardboard into anything resembling a box, and are sobbing in the middle of your living room wondering where in life you went wrong (not a true story…ok maybe a little true)

I know what you’re thinking, clearly this is not a love letter about cardboard, and for those of you thinking cardboard might win in the debate between cardboard and plastic moving, this is the wrong article for you.  However, I won’t damage the reputation of cardboard based solely on personal experience, but will provide factual, researchable information into why plastic reusable moving boxes are more efficient, cheap, and time conserving than cardboard.

Since I was already ranting about cardboard, I figured we could start right away by listing all of it’s benefits.


  1. An average and serviceable form of moving your belongings
  2. .
  3. .

Ok, so I could only really come up with one benefit (don’t blame me, blame the cardboard).  Now lets begin the list of cardboard detriments.


  1. Relatively fragile, cannot support a large amount of weight
  2. Not easily stack-able
  3. Requires assembly, which can waste time and effort
  4. Requires padding and taping
  5. Not easily transferable
  6. Requires disposal, which contributes to waste accumulation in the environment
  7. Is expensive, as movers must incur the cost for waste disposal

Well I believe you get the picture.  I know what you’re thinking now, “well if cardboard is so ineffective, what is so special about plastic moving boxes?”  Well, I am glad I asked myself that question rhetorically, because I will now begin to make my case for reusable plastic boxes. 


  1. It’s in the title, it’s REUSABLE.  As such it requires no disposal, and therefore contributes no waste products to the environment
  2. They are easily stackable, and can be efficiently organized in your moving vehicle for your relocation needs
  3. They save time; because plastic moving boxes come pre-assembled, you don’t have to waste time assembling them like you would cardboard
  4. They are cheaper and more affordable than cardboard.  In addition because they are reusable, you do not have to spend money on waste disposal fees
  5. They are durable, lasting products that won’t fall apart in transit or break down will carrying your belongings, holding around a maximum weight capacity of about 100 lbs.
  6. Is easily transferable from location to location
  7. Can be rented, and not not require purchase

Clearly, it is easy to see that plastic reusable boxes are a significant improvement to using standardized cardboard for your moving needs.  The plastic boxes save you time, money and the environment, representing a durable and efficient alternative.  Now I will end with a brief look at the detriments of reusable plastic.

Reusable Plastic Detriments



Well there you have it, in the battle of reusable plastic boxes vs. Cardboard the clear winner is the reusable plastic.  Despite cardboard being the standard form of packing and moving your belongings, reusable plastic is a significant improvement saving time, money and the environment.  So when planning your next move, make sure to ask your local moving company about the availablity of reusable plastic boxes. 

Note: For Chicago residents, the company Chicago Green Box offers effective reusable plastic moving boxes called green boxes, that are rentable for your moving needs.  You can visit them online at

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